Alkestis Protopsalti performs on the greek island of Ithaca in Greece for Summer on Ithaca by Fimios.
Alkestis Protopsalti
Live at the Garden Theatre in Vathy - Friday 4th August 2006
Presentation of Fimios Ithakis

Alkestis gave the massive audience (for ithaca) many opportunities to sing along with her throughout the set and it was well appreciated by her fans. They didn't disappoint when it came to puffing up their lungs for a sing-a-long. Protopsaltis' band was impressively well rehearsed and each member was given the chance to shine while Alkestis took breaks for a rest and a costume change (from white pants into black jeans). The back-up singers kept the audience enthused with some contemporary and recent Greek hits that were well known to all.


Everyone had out their Nokia to capture Alkestis
I had hoped for an up close and personal shot after the gig, but it wasn't to be. Alkestis' female protectors commandeered anyone loitering around the back stage area away. What had always impressed me with this performer was her radiant presence. Her passion for what she does seemed to have no boundaries and the positivity of her stage persona, just seemed to encompass everyone around her, regardless of their difference in musical style, so I thought 1 photo may have been possible, but the off stage Alkestis was just a little different. There were no smiles and her bright presence deteriorated into a determined and hard stare at the ground while her female protectors whisked her away and wiped the sweat from her brow. We soon realized we were in the presence of a 'Great Artist' and so a photo for was denied.