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Exoghi Panighiri - Feast of Ag. Marina
Monday 17th July 2006

Summer Festival time on Ithaki starts with a bang at Exoghi with the Feast of Ag. Marina, the village Saint.

A good turn out again this year. People always complain about the parking, but in the end, this festival is just too good to miss out on, so cars are parked half way down the mountain and people are forced to use their leg muscles to get up the rest of the way. The community of Exoghi always extend their talents of organization with this Panighiri, and to their credit have made this Festival one of the northern favourites for a traditional night of food, dance and song.

Young and old settle themselves into the Village Square under Ag. Marina Church. Some make their way up early to enjoy the Panighiri Dinner, others come later to take part in the party. Souvlaki, bread and wine are on offer until the early hours of the morning for those who need to sustain their energy until dawn.

Some of the People that make the Panighiri fun
By the early hours of the morning, the crowd began to thin, but those left were not abandoned by the band. The band played until the last man fell down.