All the events happening around ithaca in Greece during the Summer of 2006. Ithaki
Around The Villages 2006
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Sat 15 July - Below - A July look around Kioni Bay. Under some glorious golden sunshine, Kioni shone like the gem it is. The streets were quiet for a Friday, but the views were fine.
Left - Frikes Board walk. Careful you don't fall in. In the early evening, humans and cats were feasting on some fabulous Greek fare around the restaurants in the Frikes as the sun set behind the mountain of Exoghi and this fishing village slowly faded to grey. Business Ithaca is wondering where all the people are. It's a quiet July this year.
Sun 16 July - Below - Opening of Takis Zervas ex - hibition of Paintings and the Childrens Book 'Irini'
Above Left - Takis Zervas and Mayor Tilemahos Karavias
Above Center - Childrens Book 'Irini' Click here for Publishing Details Print to Read.
Above Right - Takis Zervas and Alexandros Taflambas
Lasst night The Gallery in Vathy presented the written and painted works of Takis Zervas, Writer, Artist and Gallery owner of Patras. He recent work 'Irini' is a childrens' book, illustrated with paintings by some of Greeces' contemporary artists, including works by Takis Zervas. Exhibition open this week with Books on Sale. For non Greek visitors, feel free to ask Maria, your Gallery hostess for information on the exhibition, the writer and artist. Maria will be more than happy to help you understand the Exhibiton.
Ag Sarantas is still one of the most traditional villages on Ithaki. Narrow lanes, stone cottages, vineyards and views across to Aphales, olive groves and Cypress trees.
Getting up early on Ithaca and taking a walk through one of the traditional northern villages, can be a spiritual and peaceful start to the day. With no traffic noises to distract you, you can wander for kilometers, not only along the narrow lanes, but also in your mind. Ithaca has a way of clearing away the cobwebs, inspring creative thoughts and making you feel renewed.
Mon 17 July - For a little over a year, Dimitris Danis has been building a house for Ricky Church and himself in the south of Ithaca. Last night it was ready for viewing, so he held a big party, invited all his friends and celebrated moving in.
Exoghi Panighiri
Tue 18 July - Left - Exoghi Panighiri was, as usual, a great start to the Summer Festival Season on Ithaca. Click here or on Photograph left for more pics of last nights' Festival.

A webcam in Kioni. Click here

Karamela Cafe in Vathy (Across from the ferry port) is having a 'Live Music' night on Tuesday the 25th July. Open Jazz night with Greek Trio.
Summer on Ithaca means Panighiri time around the island. Keep your eyes on Around the Villages for all the fun of the Ithaki Festivals.
Fri 21 July - Yesterdays Panighiri in Kioni, the Feast of St. Illias, wasn't as busy as other years, but it sure was alot of fun. Everyone had 'KEFI' (Good Cheer) and party goers held on until dawn. Maybe it was just me, but this Panighiri had a little of the 'old days' atmosphere, the days when parties were rare and the Panighiri was an opportunity for the community to let their hair down. It was very well organized and a pleasant surprise. For more pics and blah (wish I was still a drinking person) Click Here
Sat 22 July - Above - Late nights in Vathy are abuzz with 'off the ferry' traffic. Since Karamela Cafe opposite the port, opened its' doors, waiting for the middnight ferry to come in, isn't such a chore. For around 30 minutes, the streets in Vathy are heaving with movement as tourists come to Ithaca and Ithacans living elsewhere, return to their families for the Summer Holiday.
Sun 23 July - Above - Kioni Bay from Cafe Mentor, under a heavy midday light, with the sun beating down around 36C just before the Day Trippers ripple up the water.
Mon 24 July - Above - The green coastline between Stavros and Lekfi starts to brown under the Summer sun.  
The soaring temps over the past days have the beaches around Ithaki well visited throughout the day. Above - Katsikouli Beach in Kioni is the haunt of young families and the elderly due its' easy access, pool-like atmosphere and its' close prosimity to the village center.
Ithaki Summer
Tue 25 July - Another hot day with the beaches around Ithaca like glass (or oil as the locals say). Right - Aetos under the midday sun.
Above - The Capital of Ithaki, Vathy, looks beautiful in the golden light as the sun begins to go down. The boats in the harbour add to the romance of this Ithacan view.
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