Ithaca, Greece. Around the Villages on the Greek Island of Ithaki. All the events from around the island during 2006 Summer
Around The Villages 2006
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Sun 11 June - What a strange old day yesterday. 4 Seasons in 1. Hail, storms, rain, sunshine, grey skies and black. Right - Nektarios from Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes takes it all in his stride.
The day looked like it would clear to a fine afternoon, and it did, mostly, but the evening skies may still have another weather surpirse in store.
Platrithia sheep go on a relaxed outing after the skies clear of rain
Left - The Gefyri Restaurant (Bridge) in Platrithia. The northern locals chill out and enjoy the lull. There's plenty of time ahead to be run off their feet when the season truly hits in July and August.
Mon 12 June - Right. Ariadne Vasilopoulos gets Baptized on Sunday 11 June 2006.
Yesterday was a big day for the Pagoulatou and Vasilopoulos families, but especially for little Ariadne, who was Baptized at the Stelatata Church outside of Stavros. Click here or on photo above for more pics
Tue 13 June - Frikes Restaurants were caught by surprise late yesterday afternoon, when out of nowhere, a dirty flow of water, somewhat resembling a sewage runoff, started to flood into the square infront of Symposium Restaurant. It seems that a restaurant up the road, just had some holes drilled into its' concrete flower repository (glastra), and water which had built up for a
few weeks poured out like a flood. Dirt and fertilizer made its' way down the road and into the square. The staff at Symposium had no choice other than to gather their brooms to try to disperse the mess, but it seemed no matter how hard they swept, the runoff pooled in the center, right where Symposium staff walked to carry their trays of food across to the bayside. The Symposium girls pretty much kept their cool, and only displayed the occasional stern expression toward the obvious inconvenience this accident caused during their dinner shift.
Wed 14 June - After a very warm, blue-sky day yesterday, the weather changed again in the early evening as storm clouds started to cover the mountain tops, laying low cloud over the Ionian. The unpredictable weather is not just driving the tourists crazy, but the locals too, but as every cloud has a silver lining, or as in yesterdays' case, a gold lining, there is beauty to be seen even in this strange June weather. Above - Lefki is flooded in a deep golden colour as the setting sun pierces through the darkening sky.
Sat 17 June - Kioni is livening up now. More people roaming the streets, day trippers from Lefkada and bus tours step in to bring a little bustle to the usually quiet port village. Above Left - Diamonto and Christina from the Mentor Cafe Bar strike a pose for Diamontos' daughter Sophia, studying in Spain. Above Right - The annual hatching of the Spavento chicks. It may be a good idea to wear a hat when passing the Cafe Bar threshold.
Above Left - A walk towards Kioni Bay. Above Center - The changing landscape of Ag. Sarantas. Above Right - Football fever gets the hands moving and the vocal chords trilling.
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