Ithaca, Greece. Around the Villages on the Greek Island of Ithaki. All the events from around the island during 2006 Summer
Around The Villages 2006
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Fri 12 May - Left - The Baby Boom continues on the island. Olympias' cat, well-known resident of Frikes, has a belly full of hope.

As we get deeper into May, more and more locals venture out and about.Yianni and Zoe have a night out Right - Yiannis and Zoe, frequent Frikes locals get a bite to eat on an increasingly chilly night.
The bays around the island are starting to fill with Flotillas and private yachts. The island sounds, smells and looks very different.
Sat 13 May - Below - As the sun began to set on Ithaca yesterday, Apahles bay fell under the evening shadow.
Sun 14 May - The warm day yesterday had a few running to the beach to test the waters. Others merely viewed the waters from afar.
Mr. Delaportas Mr. Muscle
Left - Mr. Delaportas jnr. visits the villages and gets his fill of one of his favourite snacks, spinach pie, at Margarita Cafe. Looks like he's working out at the Vathy Gym to get the body ready for a hectic season.
Right - Leigh Ann and 4 month old baby daughter, Ioanna pull out the shades on a sunny day in Stavros. These two bright sparks, light up the sleepy northern village.
It's been awhile since washing was assured to dry outside, but yesterday, there was no doubt. Ladies and gentlmen, 'The damp' has left the building.
Above - Vathy port gets drenched in golden sunshine as the sun sets over the bay. The warm glow over the harbour makes for a stunning view of Ithakis' capital.
The best fruit on the island right now is undoubtedly the Strawberry. Luscious, delicious, sweet, red and aromatic. Everyone is licking their lips for this sweet temptation.
Wed 17 May - Things are hotting up. People in the streets, school excursions from Ceph, flotillas in all the harbours, walkers, eaters, swimmers, drinkers (quite a few), warm sunshine and blue skies and tourists looking for a Greek paradise all over the place... still there's a quiet corner completely void of human activity in the back streets of Vathy.
Night falls in Stavros
The colours of Ithaca get brighter
Oh to be able to sit around, eat, drink and take in the views. What a way to holiday. That's what some lucky visitors to the island seem to be enjoying about Ithaki. Frikes is realy coming in to its' own with many visitors choosing this village to be the most 'Real Greek' village by the sea.
Fri 19 May - Kioni harbour was full of yachts yesterday. You can't see the water from the masts. Busy times ahead for this village which is waking up from the winter sleepiness, to big bang now.
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