When Summer comes to Ithaca there are many events, festivals and parties. Join in online with Summer Lodown 2006
Around The Villages 2006
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Tue 4 July - Fimios Ithakis first initiated the Ithaca Poster competition 5 years ago to help put Ithaca on the map and to give up and coming Graphic Artists a medium to show off their talents. Young Graphic Artists from all over the world, from as far as China, have entered this annual competition. Each year a Theme dictates the entries and a Jury of respected art critics and people in the advertising media, choose the winning Poster Art. This years' theme was Past Present and Future and Greek Graphic Artist Dimitra Tzanou took out 1st prize.
The Poster Entries are currently on exhibition at The Gallery in Vathy. Maria Kouyiannou will be happy to show you around the exhibition and enlighten you as to its' significance for Ithaca and the artists who have taken part in this competition over the years. If you are an aspiring Graphic Artist, under 30 yrs of age, enquire to take part in next years' Poster Competition. Exhibition Book on sale at the Gallery for only 5 euro. Look back over the entries and winners over the past 5 years. For those of you here on the island, head down to the Gallery for the Exhibition, for those elsewhere, CLICK HERE or on photograph above for more pics.
Thu 6 July - Above - Some 'sort of, but not really' locals get together for lunch in Frikes while they watch a Day Tripper ferry unload hoards into the village.
Sat 8 July - Above - Beyond Kioni. The days are heating up again now after a few cooler temps. Afternoon breezes freshen up the atmosphere and make for more comfortable nights.

Sun 9 July - Yesterday freak storms hit the Ionian and rained heavily on everyones' parade. Kioni was without water and a power failure left half the island without electricity until today. It seemed that the bad weather had passed, when late in the afternoon, the skies opened up again to dump more heavy rain.
Top Left - Symposium Restaurant in Frikes
Middle Left - Mentor Cafe Bar in Kioni
Calypso Restaurant in Kioni

Most of the island is now connected to some form of water, but for those villages not on any water line, it was a good top up for the Wells that run dry very quickly during the Summer months.

No sign of any bad weather today however, the skies are blue and the sun is shining hot. It's back to the beach with a sunny and hot day ahead.
Above - The family friendly beach of Polis
Mon 10 July - Above - The Penelope girls, Vasso and Maria, take the opportunity to relax whenever they can. they look forward to long hours on their feet while they work in their family restaurant in Frikes.
It was a great and relaxed Sunday yesterday on Ithaki. Not too many people in the streets in Frikes, except for when the day tripper rolled in. Locals went about their business and relaxation in an unecumbered manner.
Mobile Fruit sellers from Lefkada, not only do the rounds of the villages from north to south, but also the piers, where yachties can buy fresh from the back of the truck.
Below - Beautiful old building left to ruin in Frikes
A golden afternoon light falls over the small port village of Frikes. Flotilla masts beat out a gentle rhythm in the breeze. Locals sense it will be a quiet night in the village on this lazy Sunday.  
Wed 12 July - Vathy habour fills with yachts.
Above - The Lefki coastline
Above - Vathy Harbour
Two Day Trippers, fully loaded, kept Kioni very busy yesterday. Avra Restaurant fed 1000 people during lunch.
Fri 14 July - Above - The Agyris family of Ag. Sarantas, take in the cool of the afternoon on their lovely veranda, after a hot day yesterday.
Around the Villages 2006
Above - For those of you who get a little too blurry-eyed to remember this face after a night over a few Greek measures, this is the clear face of your barman Niko, who is covering his second season as night barman at Spavento Cafe Bar in Kioni.  
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