Keep with what's going on around the villages of Ithaki during the Summer of 2006
Around The Villages 2006
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Fri 22 Sep - Many on the island ask "Why a swimming pool when there are so many beautiful beaches?" Guess the above pic answers that question. Infinity.
Last night there was a party at Yefuri Restaurant in Platrithia held by newbies Wendy and Dave from Exoghi. At 3.30am Nektarios and Meropi from Frikes Restaurants let down there hair to join in on a dance. All shook up.
Above - Dark clouds over Vathy yesterday.
Sun 24 Sep - Above - Aetos. The sun sets much earlier now and there's no doubt that Summer is dimming. Days are mixed with sunshine and cloudy periods, and once the sun begins to set, there's a little chill in the air.
Below - Kioni has been surprisingly busy for September with days that resemble a mid August rush, but once the day trippers leave, it's back to pleasant September nights around Kioni bay with room to breathe.
Above Left - Diamanto from Mentor Cafe busy in her kitchen preparing the evening snacks. She's looking relaxed now that she knows the big rush is over.
Left - Aleka from Pantopoleion Mini Market finally gets her break at around 9pm. Alekas' mini market in Kioni services the community all year round and has for decades. She's a busy working woman that many visitors to Kioni recognize and know well. Alekas' shop is where all who stay in Kioni get their groceries and supplies, bread, milk and the Summer favourite, ice-cream.
Below - Yefuri Restaurant regularly brings north and south island locals together for the evening meal. Now that the nights are cooler, Andy lights the fire which makes for a great atmosphere. Last night Ithakis Notary, Spyros Boua and Kioni Jeweler, Dimostenis Ganazoulis feasted there.
Tue 26 Sep - Left - Still itching for Summer. Vathy doesn't look too shabby this time of year with visitors enjoying the great weather during the day, although the nights have become a little chilly. For more pics of Monday 25th September Click Here.
Yesterday the skies were so blue it felt like we were included in a picture postcard. Today, there have been thunderstorms, much rain and some wind. Quite a difference to yesterdays' Summer-like weather. Nothing but the deep grey horizon closing us in from all directions today. Once upon a short time ago, rain meant water for the cisterns after a long hot summer of reducing water reserves, but nowdays, with the desalinization plants across Ithaki, water is almost plentiful and few communities need scramble for it.
This years' Summer, with its many heat waves, has dried the island, so its' not a bad thing for a little rain in September, albeit an inconvenience for the visitors who have a short week to enjoy themselves. There are other pleasures to be had on a rainy day however. It's an opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the locals, who, like the visitors, are at loose ends on such a day. The temperature is still mild so curling up in front of a fire isn't quite an option yet, but curling up with a good book while the rain beats down on Ithaki sounds nice.
Thu 28 Sep - Below - Yesterday was pretty miserable. The rain beat down so hard there was little visibility and little opportunity to venture out. Forecast predicts the rain will clear around midday today. A little late for those leaving on the afternoon ferry.
Fri 29 Sep - Yesterday midday the skies finally began to clear after the heavy rains of the previous days. Everyone with feet was out walking in the sunshine after being cabin-bound. The wind and rain had freshened up the atmosphere and presented us with clear views.

Saturday 30th September 2006 - As usual, Summer Lodown ends today. It's been a full Summer of activities and people who joined Ithaca for the Season. The holiday Season continues through to the end of October, but people coming from now on, are not looking for sunshine and long days at the beach, they're here to enjoy the nature of the island and walking, talking, discovering, eating and drinking. Thanks to all who have made sharing Ithaca with the online world possible, it's a challenge to say the least, but very worthwhile. See you on Winter On Ithaca. To have a look back at the Season visit Summer Specials 2006 by clicking here

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