Ithaca, Greece. Who's Here during the Summer of 2006. Visitors, their faces and stories on Ithaki Summer Lodown
Who's Here 2006
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Mon 1 May - Below - Freda and Spiros are back on Ithaca to visit Fredas mother and relatives in Lahos and Frikes. They come fairly regularly. Freda was born on Ithaca, but has spent most of her life in Melbourne, Australia.
Wed 3 May - Left - Jonathan Levi is in Vathy town all the way from LA USA to see his mum Judi and to play a gig at Chez Manu Restaurant on Friday 5th May. Jonathan will be doing a set of blues for the Vathy crowd, although his style leans towards pop/rock. Jonathans' relationship to Ithaca may be a distant one, but his mother and father have been coming to the island for over 13 years.
Above - Michelle. Visiting Ithaca for the fourth time and still getting a buzz.
Fri 5 May - Michelle and Ian are on Ithaca from Kensington in Melbourne, Australia. They are here on a weeks' visit to catch up with their friends Jenny and Yiorgo from Kioni, and to meet the Spavento twins up close. Michelle is no stranger to Ithaca, While Ian had surfed the oceans of the world, Michelle had chilled out on our little island of Ithaki many times before, to enjoy the sun, sea and views. Before coming to Ithaca this time, Michelle and Ian spent some time in Istanbul and after Ithaca, they head to Italy, during Ithaca, Ian has already staked out a warm spot at Spavento Bar, where he'll no doubt have every flavor of svinaki (shot) pass his lips, and where his quest to be a non-smoker, will be put on hold while he lights up a cigar or two.
Above - Ian. Looking for surf and not finding even a ripple on Ithaca today.
Above - Mel and Phil are from New Zealand, but have been living and working in the UK for some time. They're here for a Greek fling with Mels' parents before they return to the other side of the world again later in the year. Mel and Phil are staying in Lefki, where they enjoy peace, quiet and great sunsets. We caught up with them at Gefyri Restaurant in Platrithia where they settled in for the night with some good wine, food and a comfy chair.
If a couple of these people above look familiar, it's because they are. At least on the site. It's the Fitzgeralds. Left - Right - George, Patrick and Kate. This is Georges' first time on, but Kate and Patrick are Summer regulars. This Summer will be a big one for the Fitzgeralds with daughter Anita getting married here on Ithaca. Yes, we've been invited to take some pics, so you'll see another Greek (of sorts) wedding online.
Sat 6 May - Above - Sharon and Adrian are on Ithaca for a short visit from the UK, to relax and get warm. They're staying in Kioni, at Likoudi, with that wonderful view over Kioni bay from their balcony. If you see lights flashing in the distance while driving down the night road, it's not a UFO getting ready to touch down on the island, it's just Sharon, working out the high beam on her hire car.
Wed 10 May - Above - Sandra and Trevor are on Ithaca as a last minute holiday and are staying in Kioni for only 1 short week. They are here from Heartfordshire County near London. While hiring a boat, getting a quick lesson in boat safety, their phone rings to inform them that granddaughter no. 2 couldn't wait for their return and decided to make an appearance despite her grandparents absence.
Left - Chandra and John Ventouras have been regulars to Ithaca for many years. Johns' family home is situated in Kioni, which some of you may know as Rhoda House. The Ventouras' come all the way from Perth. May nights are still a little chilly so what better way to warm those West Australian bones, than fish soup at Avra Restaurant on the bay in Kioni.
Fri 12 May - Above - Martin and Vera are here from Manchester in the UK. They were first acquainted with the island through, liked what they saw, and decided to see it up close. They lead busy lives with bringing up 3 boys and running a law firm, so Ithaca is just what the doctor ordered to relieve the stresses of a city life. This stay is just a short 3 days, but hopefully we'll see them again in the near future, next time with the whole family.
Below - Hara and Panos seen here with long time friend, Stathis, are no strangers to Ithaca. Panos has his roots in Stavros and Hara in Patra, not too far from Ithaki shores. They are here from Montreal in Canada, visiting with family and friends. Their son Dennis is not with them in person this trip, but in spirit, so "hello Dennis". Panos and Hara met in Patra, married and moved to Canada over 32 years ago,
but over the past few years, keep a close eye on what's happening on the island through this website. It's great to meet the online ithacan community. Panos story will soon take its' place in Ithacans Around The World.
Right - Michaela is on Ithaca from Romania. Her Greek is already great after only a couple of months on the island, by November, when Michaela plans to return home, it will be perfect. We caught up with her in Frikes, getting in touch with nature.
Spring on Ithaca
Above - Esta at Yefyri in Platrithia
Mon 15 May - Left - Esta Raftopoulou is back again this year from Wheelers Hill in Australia. She's one of the ex-pats who returns regularly to her place of birth to keep her family home in one piece and to enjoy the company of her long time friends and Ithacan neighbours.
Right - Here's the long and the short of it. Tour reps (left) Marloes and (right) Judi, do some bonding after a hard day on the job. Both take the good and the bad in their stride. Marlaoss is here from Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Judi is one of Ithakis' recent locals from Perahori.
Above L - R - Jonathan, Judi and Nicholas Levi
Thu 18 May - Below - Benny and Heather are friends visiting Ithaca from London. The last time Benny was here was in the mid 80's. He speaks fluent Greek, Arabic and who knows what other languages, due to his ethnically colourful history. He was born in Egypt and 12 years of his youth were spent living in Cyprus.
Wed 17 May - Above - Anne and Brian are here from Wales, celebrating their Ruby Wedding Anniversary on Ithaca. They discovered the island under a pile of South American Sunvil leaflets their son in-law gave them to peruse. Anne and Brian aren't taking this trip laying down, they've been walking, boating and riding a scooter around to get into the corners of Ithaki.
Heather is a mum and an Actor among other things. She's been to Ithaca before also to visit her friend Katrina who lives on the island.
May is the time for Painting Holidays - Above - L - R - Jenny, the instructor from Reading, John from Milton Keynes and Derek, Joy and Beryl from Sheffield, UK. They'll be painting Ithaca what ever colour they wish during their stay.
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