Ithaca, Greece. Who's Here during the Summer of 2006. Visitors, their faces and stories on Ithaki Summer Lodown
Who's Here 2006
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Fri 22 Sep - Left - Pam is here from the UK attending birthday parties and having a good time.
Sat 23 Sep - Right - Erasmia and Lucy Raftopoulou are sisters in law enjoying a little trip to Ithaca and eachothers' company before heading back to Athens where they live. Both have their roots by marriage in Stavros.
Sun 24 Sep - The Ithaki community extends to people from all around the world each year between April and October. Some return again and again.
Above - Fran and Mike are on Ithaca for friend Larrys' Wedding which was celebrated last night in Kioni. They are here from the UK.
Moira and Brian are no strangers to Ithaca, especially the village of Kioni where they stay each visit to the island.
Left - Spiros, who has his family home in Kioni, lives in Athens, but comes to the island whenever he gets the opportunity to escape his busy life as a city doctor. We caught up with him as he was preparing to catch up with a football game on the Spavento Bar tv set.
Mon 25 Sep - Above - Colin and Debbie Sawyer get ready to head back to France where they live, but not before they soak up the last rays of sunshine on Ithaki, the island they've also known as home.
Tue 26 Sep - Below L - R - Fran, Deborah, Aiden and Lawrence. Deborah and Lawrence were married in Kioni this past weekend and celebrated the occasion with locals and a few friends. Lawrence became acquainted with Ithaca through his sailing adventures with the Flotillas he brought into the harbour of Kioni. He brings a little Irish to Ithaca.
Wed 27 Sep - Right - Finni Golden is here from Portsmouth UK finishing off some business before she heads over to Fiscardo and then back to the UK where she runs a Bed and Breakfast in her home town with partner Alex. Finni is also a script writer, specializing in British Period pieces. She hopes to return soon for a real break.
Only a few more days before Summer Lodown winds down for this year.
Saturday 30th September 2006 - As seen left, the boys rugged up on a chilly night, it's a timely end to Summer Lodown Who's Here. I would like to thank all of you for taking part and allowing and lovers of Ithaca to share in your holidays here on the island. As with all ithacagreece content, you'll be here as long as the site is up and running. Nothing is deleted. We've seen first timers, second timers and veteran Ithaki holidayers step onto our shores, making Ithaca the colourful and interesting island that it is during the Summer Holiday Season. Let there be no doubt about it, it's you, with your support of this small community by choosing Ithaca for your holiday, that allows the island to prosper year after year. One thing is for certain, that special people seem to be drawn to this island, some of whom have been captured over the years on Thank you to all of you. To look back over 4 years of Who's here, see bottom left of page for 2003 2004 and 2005 Summer Lodown Who's Here.
Left - Drew and Cooch sailed into Frikes on the Kamara with their Holiday Flotilla. Drew is from Perth Australia and Cooch from New Zealand. Their first question was about Aussie football.
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