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Sat 15 July - Proud Grand mum Chandra, shows off her granddaughter Olympia. Looks like Chandra and husband John will be spending less time on Ithaca and more time in Perth Australia to get their fill of this little cutie.
Above - It's school holiday time in Switzerland, so Sonja packs up the kids and the car and heads straight for Ithaki. Sonja and family are on Ithaki each holiday period to spend time with partner Panos and their new stone house in Kioni.
Above - Luisella from Italy, joins her friend Georgia for another Ithacan Summer Holiday. Can you guess her favourite village? Yes, it's Kioni...but then why is she always seen at yefuri restaurant in Platrithia? Good question.
Left - David Soul and Helen Snell have spent the last week staying in Kioni. It could well have been a holiday to Cephalonia, except that their friend Doug, had stayed on both islands and suggested they try Ithaca for their holiday. They have fallen in love with the island. David and Helen agree that Ithaca has inspired the thought to change their lifestyle to a simpler way from what they have become accustomed to in London, where they both live and work. David has just finished recording a new EP and performing in a Play, and is now contemplating his next challenge. Who knows, it may have something to do with bringing music to Ithaki and the
Sun 16 July - Above - Kaliopi Kallinikos. Kaliopi has been a Primary School Teacher in Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia for 20
performers that go along with it, like his friend Willy maybe? I'm sure Ithaki will see more of David and Helen in the future. Visit David Soul Website -

years, and this is her 13th visit to Ithaca. Dennis Kallinikos, well known Greek singer, also residing in Melbourne, Australia, is Kaliopis brother. Her Ithacan roots are planted in Stavros, where many of Kaliopis relatives still live. This long serving school teacher is on Ithaca this time, for a longer run than usual, as Kaliopi takes her well deserved long service leave from her job.

Ithacas' harbors seem to be filling up with rather huge yachts. Some of them big enough for helicopters to land. Plush, spacious and very expensive. So who is coming to Ithaca these days?

Mon 17 July - Above - Alicia, John, Martin and Debbie are here from Bradford, Yorkshire. This family (but not John) has had a 13 year affair with Ithaki. They've even built a house in Perahori. The locals called Debbie and sister Judi, the ants, as each day they'd see them carry rocks and building stuff up the path from the road to their little house. John is Alicias boyfriend of 15 months and a singer/guitarist who is currently putting together a tour around the UK for his solo act.
Above - Dean Hewett is here overseeing his work of love, Irida Villas. This man loves Greece and particularly our little island of Ithaki. Find out more about Mr. Hewett at
Above - John Canaris is here from Perth and staying in Kioni. John took time from his very busy working schedule to dig deeper into his Ithacan roots. John is no stranger to digging, he is a Geologist and Gold Miner.
  Above - Poppy is no stranger to Ithaca or She comes to the island whenever she has time off from her teaching career to visit her family and friends on the island.  
Above - Josephine and Nick are newly weds, that weren't happy with just one wedding, but had two. One time in Melbourne Australia, the other in the UK. Oh things were so much simpler when we all came from the same village.
Below - Vaggelis is here from Belgium. He has no connection to the island other than he loves it, so much so that he bought a house in Vathy.
Above - Poppy and Adoni are daily logins from the UK. They have many friends and family on the island who they can keep an eye on through the site. We caught up with them at the Exoghi Panighiri.
Below - Athena and Chris are here from Melbourne Australia. For Athena, it's her first visit to Ithaki and she can't believe that she has waited so long to see the island.
Above - Kerry and Alexander. Kerry came to Ithaki for the first time last Summer, her connection to the island is through her boyfriend Alexander, who has his roots in Lahos in the northern part of Ithaca.
Below - Jerome has his roots in Exoghi, so it's no wonder he would be found behind the make-shift bar for the Exoghi Panighiri. He usually lives in Athens, but in summer, Ithaki is his home.
Thu 20 July - Left - Tanya and Natasha Wolf with mother Dr. Nina Couvaras are on Ithaki for 2 weeks. With roots in Exoghi, this family have visited the island many times in the past. This lovely family is inspiring with their positive attitude and complete passion for their lives, loves and work. They will soon be included in the
All the people who love Ithaki
Ithacans Around the World, UK pages. We caught up with them in Stavros at the Margarita Cafe, better known to the locals as the Zaharoplastio or the Zac.

Above Right - Sam and Nick from the UK and egular Visitors to ithaca greece web site.

Left - Mike and Trish fitting right into Kioni now that their shack has become a home. Trish is a regular visitor, not only to Ithaki, but to the site, and one of valued Sponsors. Welcome back.

Above - Newcomer to Ithaki, Sylvia and well known Summer Ithacan, Dennis from Frikes. Dennis is back from Melbourne, where he was Tailor to the stars of Ithaki.
Above - Maria and Dora reunite after some time, and what better place to rekindle old friendships, than the Kioni Panighiri last night.
Sun 23 July - Above - Dianna, Athena and Yanna are here for their Summer break from South Africa. These girls have their roots in Stavros, but party in Kioni and Vathy.
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