Ithaca, Greece. Who's Here during the Summer of 2006. Visitors, their faces and stories on Ithaki Summer Lodown
Who's Here 2006
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Sat 8 July - Left - Linda and Richard are here from Melbourne, Australia to visit Lindas' sister Lila and family in Stavros. Linda stems from the Kouvaras family. When well known photographer Christos Raftopoulos discovered that Linda was in fact a classical pianist, he arranged a recital to be held at his Estate for a group of invited guests, for whom Linda performed pieces by Bach, Beethoven and a couple of original pieces written by her. Back in the 80's, Linda and Richard were members of Pop band 'Vox Pop'.
Below - Jean Carlo and Georgia from Roma Italia. Georgia is a regular to the island since her parents built themselves a house in the hills of Kioni. She has been passionate about Ithaki ever since.
Sun 9 July - Neil Resta from the UK has some big decisions to make about his future on Ithaki. A few beers with his friends in Frikes won't help him make up his mind, but they wont hurt either, and they are a good way to get back into the swing of the island after some months absence. Neil is an organic farmer in the Exeter region of the UK, where he makes things grow.
A passion for Ithaki
Above - Niko comes for a quick visit to Ithaki from Athens to spend some quality time with his wife Julia from Antikeimeno Tzoulia Gift and Jewelry shop in Frikes, and daughter Anastasia, who have both been missing him.
Above - Stephen is originally a Greek/ South African, but now lives in Athens. He comes to Ithaki regularly with his family and girlfriend, Kassiani to spend his Summers holidays. He's one of the many who join the community during Summer.
Above - Georgia is a regular Summer face in Kioni. She's here from Melbourne Australia where she lives most of the year, but her roots are firmly planted in her ancestral village of Kioni in the north of the island.
Mon 10 July - L - R - Jean-Pierre, Chipoume, Jean and Isabelle arrived in Frikes yesterday from France. Jean and Isabelle (right) are more acquainted with Ithaki than some of the locals. They've been coming to Ithaca since 1978, before tourism, before accommodations and hotels, before many people had even heard of this island. Back then, they set up camp at Cemetery beach in Kioni and got to know the island through simple and traditional experiences. Jean and Isabelle have come regularly to Ithaca since their first visit captured their hearts. This year they bring their families along to share their holiday. Their first night was spent at Rementzo watching France play Italy in the World Cup Final. A late night ferry pick up kept them from being trampled in the streets as Italians let loose their victory on the locals and the French in Frikes.
Wed 12 July - Left, Father, Yiannis Raftopoulos and son, Peter Raff, visit Ithaca together to make for a bonding and memorable experience for both. They are here from Melbourne Australia, where Yianni made a new life for himself over 50 years ago. Yianni was born in Kioni, where some of his family still live. Peter, who has up until now, had very little to do with Greece and Greeks, let alone Ithacans, was born and bread in Melbourne and considers himself Australian through and through. He does admit however, that this trip, his third, has left him with some very special feelings about the island, now that he has experienced it with his father.
Left - If this family looks a little dazed, it's no wonder. They thought they were going to Cephalonia. Jeffrey, Sophie and May, from London, landed on Ithakis' shores by accident, but are very, very glad they did. They love the place. With only 2 days here, they are already planning their next trip.
Sitting Pretty
Thu 13 July - Right - Sue from Wales, hitched a ride on a Day Tripper from Nidri traveling to Kioni, to catch up with some friends on a Flotilla in Vathy. It's Sues' second time to Ithaca.
Day Tripping
Frikes and Kioni are barely recognizable when the Day Trippers drop anchor in the villages. Hundreds of people, most don't even know where they've landed, pile off the boats looking for a quick swim and quick service. An hour is too short to fit in everything, but it doesn't stop these Trippers from trying. This isn't always the nicer side of tourism, in fact it can be quite ugly, but luckily they come and go before too much danage is done. Stomp the holiday Romp - Hi - Bye.
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