Ithaca, Greece. Who's Here during the Summer of 2006. Visitors, their faces and stories on Ithaki Summer Lodown
Who's Here 2006
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Thu 1 June - Left - Dionisios and Niki are on Ithaca from South Africa. Dionisios has his roots in the north of the island. He is here with his wife for 1 month, staying in Stavros.
Fri 2 June - (R)- Pam and Doug Palmer are in the midst of a great love affair with Ithaca. Doug came into Kioni Harbour 2 years ago, for one night only, and fell in love with the island. Pam came the year after and also fell in love with it. The Palmers are on ithaca from the UK for a short week, but have already booked for October
Above - Fran and Jeffrey from the UK, are back for their annual fix of Ithaki. Some of you may know Jeffrey as the Demetri (Spavento) look alike, but as this pic attests, Jeffrey looks like he's getting too young to be compared to that old bloke Demetri from now on.
Sat 3 June - Left - Terry is here from the UK. He and his family are no strangers to Ithaki. This year he and his family are dividing their time between Kioni and Vathy. We caught up with him at the Dimitris Danis Birthday Party at Chez Manu last night. See Around the villages Page 5 for all the info.
Faces from around the world on Ithaca
Who's Here

Mon 5 June - Above - Eleni (L) and Evdoxia (R) delight in being on Ithaca. Eleni was born in Melbourne Australia, but has her roots in the Paxinos family from Anoghi. She's seeking out relatives that she has never met. This 73 years old lady has never been to Ithaca before and is completely entranced by the island of her heritage. Evdoxia was born in Florina, but lives near Warburton in Victoria, Australia. She returned to her birthplace, but couldn't recognize a thing so she came to Ithaca to visit her daughter and granddaughter, Eleni the hairdresser from Vathy.

Above - A troop of gypsies sets up shop on the outskirts of Kioni. Pots and earthenwares for sale with a little tsigana music to lighten up the emptying of pockets.
Tue 6 June - Below - David just can't stay away from Ithaca, even when it means leaving his partner Wendy back in the UK for 5 weeks. Wendy and Dave have a house in Exoghi and until it's done, Dave will be coming back and forth as much and as long as it takes to fix it least that's his excuse. We have a feeling he just loves to get away from the UK.
Left - Jenny is a New Zealander living in the UK and visiting Ithaki for the first time. She is beginning to love the place too much to leave, but alas, England calls. We have a feeling Jenny will be back in the near future to enjoy the beach, the food and the company of her newly made friends.
  "Firstly, my name is Dave, not Wendy. Secondly, don't call me baby, thirdly, this is my index finger."  
Wed 7 June - Above - Ken, not the doll, but the real person is skipper for Sailing Holidays. His home is in the Reno/ Lake Tahoe region of the US. Before he was skipper he sold Mortgages, made alot of money, spent a lot of money, and then decided to give it all up for a free spirited life sailing around Greece. Ken's a happy camper now.
Above - Neil is here for 2 weeks staying at Lykoudi Apartments in Kioni where he can laze around the pool and enjoy the bay views from his birds' eye spot in the hills above the village. His home is in Exeter, UK.  
Below Left - Peter Burns wrote the Curtis Mayfield biography, he's a Graphic Designer, Writer and Teacher...and he's a Brit.
Above (L) Jane (R) Candy. Jane is Neils' wife (L) and she also comes to Ithaki from Exeter in the UK, Candy is married to Peter (below left). These couples met in Kioni while holidaying through the same Tour Company and staying at the same apartments. The girls keep fit by walking while the boys keep fit by lifting beers.  
Right - Christos Pagoulatos is here from Patras to visit his sister Poppy and niece Ariadne.  
Sun 11 June - The Bikini inspector arrives on the island, but thanks to yesterdays' rain, there are no bikinis to inspect. Guess he'll have to come back again on a sunny day to get the job done right.
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