As June ends more new faces come to Ithaca in Greece. The People of 2006 SEason on Ithaki.
Who's Here 2006
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Mon 26 June - Left - Nelleke and Nico are 'almost' locals. They have a lovely house in lefki and a nice boat in the harbour. De Bilt in the Netherlands is their usual home, but their faces are so well known on the island, you could be forgiven for thinking they live on Ithaki all year around. Nico and Nelleke are also very kind Sponsors of
Tue 27 June - Right - Little Ioanni will be here soon with his mum Virginia and dad, Manuel, but in the meantime, we have this happy face saying hello to all the friends that will not see it for a very long time. Ioanni is the grandson of Yianni and Marina Andrianatos.
Thu 29 June- Right - Brandon is a regular Summer visitor to the island and why not, his roots are here (and a little blood and skin from his wilder days). We caught up with him at Symposium Restaurant in Frikes, taking it easy in the company of friends, while Big Wednesday next door at Bemenis went off without him.
More people each day
Above - John, Cass, Lois and Axel are here from Brisbane Australia. John has some roots in Platrithia where he has a family home. It's the familys' 2nd time to the island and they just love it. John is also cousin to Niko (Elvis) Douglas from The Gods Gift shop in Frikes, formerly Nikos Bike Rental. They have a few more beaches to explore before they head back to their own Gold Coast.
Above - Stefan has been a regular to Ithaki since buying a house here quite a few years ago. He's originally from Germany, but doesn't spend too much time there now days.
Above - Tina, based in Kioni for the Season with a UK travel company, takes a break. Not the sunny, holiday kind, but the arm kind. Tina fell off her bike. Nek gives her a helping hand.
Fri 30 June - Above - Savvas is here from Cape town in SA. He spends many Summers on the island where he has his roots.
Traveling Buskers are not an unusual sight on Ithaki, but Flame-Throwers on a high one-wheeler bike are definitely not very common. This young guy rolled in on his bicycle yesterday evening, carrying his 1 wheeler on the handlebars. He checked out the possibilities and then lit up to entertain Frikes. He probably made enough to buy himself dinner because there wasn't alot going on in the village after temps that induce nothing but lethargy.
It's July. Yes folks, time for the masses to arrive.
  Sat 1 July - Father and son act James and Clive, are back on their annual holiday together. They are here from the UK and loving it as usual.  
Above - Alexander has spent the last few weeks in Germany for the World Cup, but Ithaca was always calling. He's here to enjoy the Summer to which he became accustomed last year on his visit. He has that 'I want to stay on Ithaca' glint in his eye.
Above - Tina is a regular Summer local, usually from NY, but this year from Sydney, now that she and her family have decided to relocate to the city in which she was born. Tina and family are here for only 1 month this year.
Above - Adoni is here from London, where he lives and works, but whenever he gets a chance to escape, he heads straight for the Ionian, to his Ithaki Isle, where his friends await him anxiously each year.
In the Summer Time  
Left - All the way from Newcastle Australia come Arthur Kominos and John Raftos. Johns wife Nina, couldn't come this year, but is here in spirit. Nina is an avid fan, logging on regularly to see what's happening on Ithaca. Thank you for your support Nina. It is much appreciated. Arthurs' roots are from Lefki and Johns' from Ag. Sarantas. Coming from Newcastle in Australia to Ithaki Greece is an odyssey in itself. The spirit of Odysseas runs deep in the veins of Ithacans who live around the world.
Thu 6 July - Ok, no more mucking around, the place is filling up with people from all over the world now. Ithaki has traffic jams. Wow!
Above - Costa has been living it up in Zakynthos and left a bit of himself there, but not the main part, that's right here on Ithaca, where he's been hanging to return. Costa comes to us from Melbourne Oz and has his family roots in Lahos.
Above - Zoe pretties herself up for a night in down town Frikes. Her home has been South Africa, more recently, Athens, but her roots are from the Kolieri area in Platrithia.
Above - The self proclaimed 'Modern Odysseas' Poita (Peter for those of you who don't speak Australian), abandons Sydney for a couple of months to spend time on Ithaki with his family and friends.
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