Ithaca, Greece. Who's Here during the Summer of 2006. Visitors, their faces and stories on Ithaki Summer Lodown
Who's Here 2006
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Tue 15 Aug - Above - Anastasios is here from Athens where he runs a small alternative Music Club, known as To Mikro Mousiko Theatro. He's on Ithaca for a few days visiting family and friends.
Above Left and Right - Mike and Sofia are back again this Summer visiting friends in Stavros. They come to the island from Belgium where they both work and live. They enjoy the relaxed times on the island, going out on a boat, days at the beach and long nights involved in interesting conversation with their friends. While northern Europe enjoys southern European weather, and many think it pointless to go elsewhere, there are still some things that you can only get in the south and that's Summer Greek style.
Above - Arthur and Jenny Komminos, and Effi sister of Spero Davias, are here from Newcastle, Australia. Just a few of the faces from the online Ithacan community who connect to the island both physically, through annual visits, and virtually, through logging onto
Wed 16 Aug - Above - Sister Angela and brother, who's name I forgot to ask, snuck away from the Panighiri in Platrithia to enjoy a little Greek conversation at Yefuri Restaurant. They're here from New York, on their annual catch up of family and their Ithaki roots.
Above - L - R - Angela, Andrew, Areti and Andreas Livanis. This foursome have their roots in Perahori, but all except Andreas, who lives in Patras, live in New York. Andrew had his trust in humanity restored yesterday after the backpack he lost with a heap of money, credit cards and identity documents was found returned to him by the Finder, Jerome from Exoghi. See, goodwill can still be found in the tiny corners of the world.
Sat 19 Aug - Above - Pano and Mary Lecatsas are in Lahos from Melbourne to meet up with son Spiros, daughter in-law Ana and grand children Tyler and Sophia below, who are holidaying on Ithaca from Manhattan NY where they live. When the family lives so far apart, it's good to get together in a place where there are no distractions other than enjoying the atmosphere, the views and eachothers' company. Pano left Lahos when he was 13 to emigrate to South Africa, before moving to Australia in the late 70's.
Tue 22 Aug - Above Right - Tomi was here for 2 weeks reacquainting herself with her old job at Minimita in Vathy (where she was once Chef) while current Chef Nicola was on vacation.
Summer isn't over yet. More faces on Who's Here pages to come.

Right - Angela and Leon Walsh are here from Melbourne Australia and staying at the Nostos Hotel in Frikes on their Ithaki holiday. Angela has her roots in Lahos through the Lucas family. Angelas story will soon be in Ithacans from around the World pages.

Far Right - Georgia and Brian Aldersea join their friends Angela and Leon for a traditional village holiday on Ithaca. We caught up with them after a meal at Yiannis Taverna and Pizza in Stavros.

Wed 23 Aug - Left - Stella and Phillip Morris, with 2 teenage daughters and a young son in hand, are here from the UK, despite the Tapestry liquidation and cancellation. This family have become very attached to the island since their first holiday here and now just can't stay away. This couple is the first I have personally met, that have also holidayed in Iceland, after Stella bought her husband a 'northern lights' Christmas present. Good thing about Ithaca, we have lights north and south...when the electricity is on that is. Stella and Phillip plan to visit Ithaca at least once a year from now on.
Sat 26 Aug - Above - Theo is here from Sydney Australia. His Ithacan nest is in Vathy, where he has a tight group of friends.
Above - Athena and father, John Maroulis are also here from Sydney, Australia with roots in Stavros. Athena works in Promotions and John is in Economics. Their home is in the suburb of Earlwood, sydney, amidst a strong Greek community.
Father and son duo send a message to Wendy, the missing link in this family holiday. Dave and Hugh are here from the UK getting in some work, rest and play, while Wendy is home slaving over a hot stove for some lucky connoisseur of fine food.
Ithaca, a great place for kids to holiday
Mon 28 Aug - Left - Vanessa Gabriel with husband Tony and daughters, Francesca and Lucia are back again this year. Vanessa has her roots in Ag. Sarantas and Parata, but lives in Melbourne Australia where she is a Pediatrician, husband Tony is a hairdresser and the girls are smart, witty and sparky 3 and 2 year olds.
Above - Olga Raftos from Sydney, is here for a quick holiday with boyfriend Steven. Her roots are in Ag. Sarantas.
Tue 29 Aug - Above - Kathleen Fitzgerald spends her time on Ithaca between Kioni, Frikes and Afales and enjoys every minute.
Wed 30 Aug - Above - Sue, Tapestry Holidays Rep, left to fend for herself after the company collapse.
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