Ithaca, Greece. Who's Here during the Summer of 2006. Visitors, their faces and stories on Ithaki Summer Lodown
Who's Here 2006
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Thu 31 Aug - Above - Odysseas Lekatsas is here from Athens. This Australian born Ithacan has his roots in Exoghi and comes back to Ithaca regularly.
Fri 1 Sep - Above - Panayiotis is here from Troy. He's half Ithacan and half Peloponnesian. His dream is to be a Lecturer in Ancient Greek Studies in the USA
Above - Chris Kandis, (Kandiliotis) is here from North Balwyn in Melbourne Australia. He's a working artist, specializing in Fine Arts.
Sat 2 Sep - It's been a little while since Scotty, Andrew Scott (Greek - Sikiotis) has been to Ithaca where he stays at his family home in Stavros. He was one of the icons of the wild early 90's when
Petes' Bar was the hangout and long days at Polis Beach were the agenda day in and day out. The XL Trail Bike (right) has been blazing the roads of Ithaca for 20 years, and apart from a few minor repairs, has been Scottys' reliable form of transport here. The bike once carried a record 7 people at one time.
Above - Tony is here from Spain. He's the older brother of Juan, a Summer regular on the island who travels the Ionian in a yacht.
Wed 6 Sep - Above - Gerald, Di and daughter Isobelle arrived yesterday from the Uk to enjoy September in Kioni. They're looking forward to seeing more of the island on this trip to Ithaki.
Sat 9 Sep - Above - Beckie has been a regular visitor to Ithaki for many years. this year she's back with her boyfriend to show him around the island.
Above - Anle Morais and Nicholas Hafner (Karantzis) are on Ithaca from South Africa to get married in Kioni where Nicholas has his Ithacan roots. The Wedding was held yesterday before friends and family. For lots more pics, click here or on photograph above.
"Are you sure you don't want a parrot for your child?"
Mon 11 Sep - Left - This guy should have been here in August. Now consumers are thin on the ground, too thin even to be tempted by the cheap prices of the many useless toys this street salesman was lugging around in flower baskets. He looked like he needed a break, but that didn't urge on the locals in Frikes.
Wed 13 Sep - Left - Tom GaBriel is here from Melbourne to tie up some loose ends. He's been coming here either alone or with his family since the 1950s.
Fri 15 Sep - Right - Marianne Raftopoulos and fiance, Constantino are on Ithaki for a couple of weeks.
Marianne has her roots in Frikes, while Constantino has his in Cyprus. Both were born and live in Melbourne Australia. Before Ithaki, these two have traveled around Europe and Cyprus.
Sat 16 Sep - Above - Dave and Wendy. Dave's been on Ithaki for awhile, but Wendy is fresh off the plane after a month in Switzerland where she worked as Chef for a family. This trip to Ithaki, Wendy and Dave are organizing a Big Birthday Party for Dave who turns 12?
Sun 17 Sep - Above - The Scott (Sikiotis) family from Newcastle. L - R - Georgina, Andrew, Marina, Allison and Marina. It's been a working holiday for this family who have their roots in Stavros. The last time Andrew was here was in 1998, but mother Marina, has more regular visits to Ithaki.
Mon 18 Sep - Above - John and Beverly are such regular visitors that they have been watching local kids grow up into adults. Beverly has been coming to Kioni since 1972. Their village of Saltwood Hythe in Kent has 1 Pub, 1 Castle and 1 church, and although it's beautiful with a beach in which Beverly swims hot or cold, Kioni has that something special that makes it her second home, a place she dreams about and yearns for when she is away.
Right - Brenda Ayling and son David in Vathy, getting ready to shop til they drop while Brenda replaces the clothes she lost when her baggage got lost in transit on her way to Ithaki from the UK.
Fri 22 Sep - Above - Sally and Richard are here from Winchester, UK and staying in Frikes.
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