Ithaki Summer on Ithaca in Greece. Events, festivals, parties and more during 2006 Summer.
Around The Villages 2006
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Wed 26 July - Last night Vathy was buzzing, people everywhere, yachts moored right past the port area of the Kefalonia ferry, music spilling out of open bar doors and pretty lights as far as the eye could see. It was a very warm night after a scorching day. You've heard of train spotting, well Ithaca has yacht spotting. The larger yachts always attract an audience looking for someone famous or rich behind the careful attendance of the yachting staff.
Karamela Cafe put on an intimate show with Greek Jazz artists 'Open Jazz Trio' performing in the Cafe courtyard last night. The trio consists of trumpet, double bass and drums and they put on an impressive performance for the Karamela crowd. See more pics by clicking here or on photo above right.

Fri 28 July - Frikes bayside is now showing in full and moving colour. It's a Summer atmosphere with warm nights, the moon reflecting off the sea and stars shining bright in the Ionion skies. Men in Speedos and women draped in cheesecloth, dff dff thumping from the speakers in Bemenis bar, Bouzouki from Penelope Restaurant and various greek tunes speeding by as cars pass through the village on their way to a bar elsewhere on the island.

It's hard not to get caught up in the atmosphere of a Summer night. Even the local traders, who work long hours and late into the night this time of the year, get out the wine and partake in a little of the Summer vibe before they shut their doors and leave the village to the holidayers.

When all the restaurants turn off their lights and close their doors, the Bars continue to vibrate. Late July and August, brings all the young locals who live on the Mainland, young travelers from all over the world and Ithacan descendants from Australia, South Africa and the US, who have made Ithaca their Summer destination for years and know just how the party goes. A cool drink to begin, a round of svinaki (shots) to loosen up, a little mild dance around the bar, another round of svinaki, a quick visit to the loo for a 'pash', 'snog' 'kiss' - back to the bar to really shake some booty, more alcohol, less inhibition, louder music, laughter, flirting, get on the bar and dance for the boys. At Bemenis

in Frikes, there were once pulsating and sweaty bodies spilling out of the doorways during the days before the 'Wild' got a day job, now it's a little milder, with a new and more restrained gang hitting the tiles of the bar in their own way, but in August, just a few days away, everyone loses their inhibitions and lets down their hair to party the hell out of the month, no matter how restrained or mild mannered, before it's "goodbye Ithaki" and back to work.
Sat 29 July - Above - The very picturesque bay of Dexa just outside of Vathy as you head towards Stavros. The mountain road behind, takes you up to Kathara Monastery and the village of Anoghi.
Don't forget the Perahori Wine Festival is tonight.
Above - Sunset road. There are many vantage points from which you can enjoy the sunset on Ithaki, but if you're around Lefki, why not head to Ag. Ioannis beach and watch it from there.
Sun 30 July - Left - The Summer Festivals continue around the island. Last night the mountain village of Perahori in the south, held its' annual Wine Festival. There were no complaints about the wine. Could it have been that after one glass of the (around) 90% proof local nectar, people were so merry they completely indulged themselves in having fun? For more pics CLICK HERE or on photograph left.
Mon 31 July - Hot days and hot nights on Ithaki. Phew, at least we have the sea all around. The coolest pools are of course where the fresh mountain springs flow into the sea, so they're the best places to secure a posie on these steaming days. At night the best places to be are by the bayside, where a sea breeze blows fresh off the sea.
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