Enjoy all the Summer fun on Ithaca in 2006. Summer Lodown brings you the news and the pics of the season.
Around The Villages 2006
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Sun 18 June - Oh my God, everyone's drinking so much I can barely focus. Vathy Harbour begins to fill with big flashy yachts.
Looks like the weather is clearing finally. Yesterday was the warmest June day this month and the evening was mild, even in Frikes, one of the chillier spots on the island. With the better weather, locals and tourists came out of their homes to enjoy the night air and the sounds of Ithaca in holiday mode. The football too was keeping all the boys out late, glued to the Cafe tv sets while mums went home to put the kids to bed. Ithaca gets into the swing.
Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes runs out of food so the staff are fed their late night meal with take-away from Piperato, the new Grill on the block.
Mon 19 June - Every village has its' pros and cons, its' own unique personality, charm and interest. Frikes' personality is made up of its' slightly left of center characters. A little wacky, a little alternative and usually 'Out There'. The business community laugh hard together one day, feud with eachother the next, protect eachother, swear at eachother. There's always something interesting going on in this community striving to survive the perceived tourism lull. Everyone here has a strong character and an usual wit. They attract enthusiastic audiences all become friends of Frikes sooner or later.
There's Stathi the music man, Bemeni 'gone fishing', Merope and Olympia, Nektarios (here's a svinaki on us) and Poppy, Oz, Kiki, Niko (Elvis) and Xanthi, Cleopatra and her tiara, Julia, Aphrodite, Babbis and his puppy, Tzaneto, Pano (I'm actually ready)
Above Left - The Day Tripper comes to Frikes. It's action stations as a couple of hundred people roll off the plank and into the restaurants in Frikes.
Above - Vathy Bay rocks and rolls as the wind stirs up the sea.
Left - Another new Cafe Bar opens its' doors on the edge of Vathy heading north.
Don't forget the Ithaki Choir performs Songs from the Sea on Sunday 25th at the Cultural Center in Vathy. Starts around 7pm. You'll see many locals you know and love performing. Come along and support this local initiative and enjoy some traditional songs to boot.
Fri 23 June - Above - After some very hot weather over the past few days, World Cup football on the tele and the feel of Summer well and truly in the air, the boys get together for a friendly drink. With temps of 37C, where better than to spend your time, than outside taking advantage of a cool and refreshing night breeze.
Sat 24 June - Left - Believe me, Ithacans have been out of the trees for a long time. Seeing one of them back amongst the branches is purely out of necessity. Yesterday a hay truck passed through Frikes and caught on the power line from Bemenis Bar to his bay seating area, tearing it down. Young Aki, who now manages the bar, and has no fear of heights, heads straight into the scruff while owner of Bemenis, Panoyiotis, balances the ladder.
Sun 25 June - Above - Lucky Vlassopoulos from Polis Beach wears the fashion statement of the season - the Polis Beach Hat. Yes folks, Polis Beach has a hat.
It's getting Hot Hot Hot
Above - The road to Poli is finally paved from top to almost bottom. The last bend is still to be done, but the pot holes there aren't too bad. Polis Beach is also having the car park extended and sand brought in to make it easier for beach goers.  

The past week has been hotter than hot. Definitely beach weather. Why be anywhere else. People are doing whatever they can to keep cool, swimming, boating and finding a shady tree to rest under, but with little air moving about, the heat is getting to many and the thought of the predicted cool change overnight, thrills the overheated.

Yesterdays earth tremor did little to disturb the Ithaki population, residents or visitors. Even some of the first timers thought the experience was fascinating rather than scary.

Polis Bay
Another addition to Polis beach, is the extended beach line on the far side of the fishing port.
Right - Gefyri Restaurant in Platrithia fills up with the cool stuff. Residents from Vathy come to the villages to cool off after some very hot days. Vathy and Kioni can retain the days' heat to make the nights very warm and muggy, so a trip to the villages, where the cooler air flows, is a trip well worth the effort.
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