Slap Back In The Face (The Kioni Music Festival - Night 2) Tuesday 9th August 2016

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I loved The Last Drive so much, I had to force myself to take photos because all I wanted to do was dance with the rest of the crowd, so once I'd taken enough, that's what I did. DANCE.

The band played quite a few very cool cover versions and some originals. I thought I'd been transported back into a very cool time and I didn't mind the time travel one bit. Great band.

A big thank you to the Ithaki Council for it's support of Slap Back In The Face, along with all the advertisers who make it possible to keep the Kioni Music Festival. free.

A HUGE thanks must also go to Thomas Vlismas, one of the original organizers, who has his roots in Perahori. Thomas is also responsible for organizeing the talent.

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