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Thu 13 July - Margarita Cafe Bar in Stavros is slowly expanding its' premises across the road. In the future, Margarita Cafe Bar may have both sides of the road covered with maybe a restaurant and rooms to let also? We will soon find out.

On Sunday 16th, don't forget the Jazz in Kioni music night. Usualy bands start around 9.30pm As most music nights in Kioni, you'll have fun.

Everyone knows that Panighiri time really starts with the Exoghi Panighiri, so don't forget to head on up to the mountain village on Monday 17th July.

This morning, driving down to vathy, workmen were filling in the port area (where the Kefalonia ferry docks) with sandbags. Apparently there's a hole that needs filling. Looked like the town was getting ready to hold off a big flood.

I saw David Soul in Kioni yesterday, but he looked like a lost soul (no pun intended) so no pic. Maybe before he leaves, but I'll have to

wait and see. Sorry for the disappointment, but I'm not a paparazzi.

Fri 14 July - Sorry folks! Jazz in Kioni on Sunday 16th has been cancelled. One of the band members is having an ear problem.

Left - The Berlin Wall goes up in Frikes. The Gods Gift Shop in Frikes has blocked off its' view from the Rementzo Restaurant side. Niko assures everyone there is a good reason for this...wonder whether he thought it through though. Now he has to sit inside or on the other side of the road instead of directly in front of his shop to watch for customers. Hmmm. By the way, The Gods Gift shop is now your ticket booth for the Lefkada Ferry.

Sat 15 July - Kioni would be perfect except that? Did I hear you say "No mobile phone service"? That's right, no mobile phone service until yesterday !4th July that is. Kioni now has mobile phone service like the rest of the island. No need for a big tower vibrating with radiation, just a little beacon near Lykoudi is enough to give service to this port village in the north.

Head down to the Art Gallery in Vathy tonight for a special exhibition of paintings by a well known Greek Artist. Starts 8.30pm

Update on David Soul. He is in the Who's here. I had the opportunity to speak with him and his partner Helen last night. Very lovely

couple, made all the lovlier by their new found love for our island of Ithaki...and I didn't even have to break his arm or beg (that's always a plus)

Did anyone hear that Al Pachino is on Ithaki? I did.

Sun 16 July - Not a cloud in the sky, no storms on the horizon, no fire and still the electricity went out twice during this morning. Don't feel too confident that we're not going to have more problems. Now that the Season is getting into full swing, the drain on the power grid with more refridgerators and air-conditioners burning up the amps, is increasing to demands that old DEH may not be able to cope with.

Looks like the old Kioni Primary school is getting some attention. The roof is off and to be replaced with a new one.


Mon 17 July - Left - Tandoori Sex. Guess the legs and get a Souvlaki free. Get all 3 pairs right and get 3 souvlaki. You just never know what goes on when the lights go down on the island.

Wed 19 July - Strange things happening with the phone lines. Dead space, no tones, no lines. It's like someone just snips the connections now and then. Annoying to say the least. That Greece generally has more people in Summer should be no surprise to the Phone Co., but still it seems to be caught off guard in terms of allocating modems and lines for the increased traffic.

Road rage is building on the island with more inconsiderate drivers, speeding through the narrow roads of Ithaki without concern for anyone. Ithaki is not holding the Grand

Prix, so please everyone, slow down, drive on the right side of the road and be considerate. Sometimes it seems there are more cars than people. We have been lucky so far with no fatalities on the island, but with increasing traffic, it's only a matter of time. Please drive safe.

This week, I've seen two seperate people flick their lit cigarette butts from their car windows. Are they crazy?!!!!! Ithaki is a tinderbox in Summer. Last years' fire at Aetos was caused by an irresponsible flicker. I got out of the car myself and stood on the bloody things, but in future I will also chase these people down. Ok, I may sound a little anal at this stage, but having experienced a few fires on the island, it can be frightening how quickly a fire spreads through olive groves. It's like an oil fire, unstoppable, especially on an island with water difficulties. By the time water planes arrive from Kefalonia and Patra, there is already much damage caused to our beautiful island.

A webcam in Kioni. Click here

Thu 20 July - It seems that in Frikes, the movie stars, both Greek and International and Political figures choose to eat and be entertained at Penelope Restaurant (Steve's Place) The Penelope family have had visits from David Soul, Greek celebrities from The Dream Show and the Embassies of the world respresented in Greece. Stathis says, he and David Soul are now good friends and no wonder, Stathi is one of the great characters that make Frikes what it is.

Kioni Panighiri Tonight. Be there and in the Square for the big outdoor Festival for St. Illias. To park near the village, be early because the likelyhood you'll be walking down from Raxi is very possible if you turn up late. Enjoy yourselves with the locals over some great food, traditional music and dancing til dawn.

Sun 23 July - As every Summer, descendants of Greek immigrants to Australia, South Africa and the USA, flood back to this little island in the Ionian. July and August is like a big Reunion party. Visitors to the island often note that they have never wittnessed the tight community of Ithaca anywhere else in the world. This phenomenon is something special on Ithaca. Adults now, first came to Ithaca as young children with their parents, who now they bring their own children and so it continues. A community that meets for a few weeks each Summer, grows up together and reunites each year on this small rock.

Before we all get too excited about the water supply in Lefki, the Council still needs to connect it to all the properties of the village. At this point in time, there is only about 8 cub m to be shared around. Not much. Let's hope the council pipes it quickly so that the Lefki community can also stop the 'Water worry' each Summer.

While everyone thinks it quite strange for mobile phones to be ringing in Kioni, (Only those connected with Cosmote) there may not be time to get used to it, as the small tower at Lykoudi may be coming down due to community opposition.

Tue 25 July - Since midday, the north island has been in communication darkness, since a tardy truck driver severed a major phone line in Stavros, leaving the entire north island without telecommunication. And guess who? Yes, the same tardy truck driver who severed a major electrical wire last year, only 1 day after the 5 day black out was resolved, leaving most of Ithaca without electricity for another day. It's now past 6pm and still no phones. No phone means no internet, thus the delay in loading anything new up today. The driver must unfortunately remain nameless, although the locals, whether they know him or not, have already christened him with the appropriate name starting with 'M'

Wed 26 July - Still no phone. If ever the power or the phones go out, you want to wish that Vathy is suffering the same, so that the problem gets attended to quickly. Unfortunately it's only the north island Kioni to Lefki that is without a phone line, thus we are approaching 24 hours without landline communication. We are also without ADSL. Yes, folks, Vathy has it, but Stavros will not have it. Unfair? You bet. Anything we can do? NO. My prediction for winter is that those who barely use the internet will be connected all day and those who need it and use it daily (me for instance) will be dialing in without getting a line, as every Winter or rainy day. ADSL in Vathy, definitely gives the captial of Ithaki a 21st century advantage. Am I jealous? Yes, I really am.

In the evenings, the main strip in Vathy, just after the Council Building towards the end of the town Square, is now closed off to through traffic. Follow the arrows to be directed through the detour if you

intend to go to the other side of the bay, where the clubs and other great restaurants await the visiting traveler.

9.24am and we have communication. The landlines in the north are back!!! Yeah.

Mon 31 July - It's been very hot these past few weeks, that's not unusual, it is Summer afterall, but the past week has had such high humidity with the heat that the days are steaming, and resemble hot days in Singapore rather than on the Greek islands. It's not an exaggeration to say the heat is


oppressive. One quick movement and the island breaks out in a sweat. The lucky ones head to the beaches, but for the not so lucky, it's business as usual.

Don't forget the Protpsaltis concert in Vathy on Friday the 4th at the football ground. It's going to be HUGE!!!

In high Summer, mornings in Vathy are a real chore. Paying bills, doing the banking, running errands, shopping etc., is difficult in such suffocating heat, so when all the chores are done, you want to escape the pit quickly...Not so fast. A delivery van has decided to park on the side of the street, locking 4 vehicles in. 10 minutes go by, 20 minutes go sign of the driver, so it's off to look for him. After running in and out of a few shops, he's finally located, having a chat to his girlfriend on a supermarket phone. "What's the problem" he said, "I thought no one would want to get out" he said. "Where else am I supposed to park" he said "Gamotto" he said and then he said "Gamotto" again. He could say 'Gamotto' until his luck actually changed, but he was still going to move that truck, and when 20 minutes turned to 40, he finally did.
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