Leigh ann and Rotheis Get Married

Saturday 17th September 2005

Perahori Ithaca Greece

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Ithaca has watched Leigh ann and Rotheis grow up on the island, and now that they are ready to leave the roost, ithaki joins them in celebrating their Wedding Day in the mountain village of Perahori, above Vathy town, where family and guests congregated to witness this happy union.

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Invited Guests    Rotheis awaits   Leigh ann arrives   Church and rice   The Reception

Invited Guests

Stavros Delaportas - The Official Wedding Photographer

Family and guests wait for the Groom and the Bride to arrive

A Wedding on Ithaca is always a great occasion for the Locals to dress to the 9's

Wedding guests came from as far north as Kioni to be part of the

Congregation at the Perahori Church.