Leigh ann and Rotheis Get Married

Saturday 17th September 2005

Perahori Ithaca Greece

Close window to exit


Close window to exit


Invited Guests    Rotheis awaits   Leigh ann arrives   Church and rice   The Reception

The Church in Lower Perahori was filled with the many invited guests.  There were so many people, many waited outside while the ceremony took place

Leigh ann and Rotheis looked very relaxed and sparkled throughout the ceremony as their vows were taken in front of their families and friends. As is common with most weddings on the island, someone faints from heat exhaustion, but not at this wedding.  All remained upright throughout.  The social noises of the congregation got a little overwhelming for the Priest, so he took advantage of his position by insisting  on some quiet through the ceremony.

The colourful Frescos of the church

had people in awe of their surroundings

The Vows

The rice throwing tradition was a little more aggressive than others as the congregation bombed the couple, the Priest and the Koumbara as they circled the alter.

The families decided to accept congratulations outside the church, which made the wishes for good fortune in their futures, a more comfortable experience for everyone. The narrow village road then led guests and family north, to the village of Stavros, for the Reception at Mazourka Estate...but only after some clever manoeuvring the get cars out of the tight corners they had parked in, so they would be near the church and not up the mountain side of Perahori.

Church and Rice