Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005

Ithaki General 2005

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Tue 6 Sep - Well, the August rush is over and so it seems is the Summer weather with storms, rain and cold winds over the past few days. Last nights' lightning strikes exploded power poles and left the island without electricity on and off throughout the night, the island from Aetos northwards, Vathy always has power and always has the phone lines. Today in the north, some phones work, others don't. Otenet won't connect to the internet, but ACN does, mind you, at a very slow 19 bits. for those on the island who haven't invested in a UPS, will be sad souls after appliances and other electrical things were struck by the massive bolts of lightning that hit Ithaki last night, to be left worthless.

Good news for the tour groups and holiday renters. Rooms are fully booked with the English again. The Italians and Greeks have gone back to work and it's left to the Brits to fill the island with joy. Businesses around the island are tallying up their profits and comparing them to last year. Many complain their profits are down, but not due to a lack of tourism on the island, which there was certainly no lack of this year, but to the increasing prices of food etc. and increased wages of staff, the costs of which, slim down the profit margins quite considerably in the restaurant trade especially. Looks like prices will be going up.

With 2 fires over the past month, it surprises me that people, locals and tourists are still flicking their lit cig butts from car windows. If I see it happening around me, I will personally chase the culprits down and ....

So, it's the end of another Ithacan summer. We had weddings and funerals, baptisms and summer festivals crammed into the short season of Ithaki. Happy times, sad times, exciting times and little time, but never dull times. New friends made, old friends reunited, colour and passion, beach and sun lovers crowded into small bays and now it's over and done for another year. Many locals, although exhausted, have a period of reorientation after this time of the year. It's a sad time for many before the autumn routine sets in and settles the community into hybernation for the winter. Don't despair however, while the sun stilll shines and there are still tourists coming to the island, Summer Lodown will continue at least until the end of September and then, in October, Winter on Ithaca will take you through until May next year.

Wed 7 Sep - Now, are the phones working yet so I can load the pages up online???? Yes they are. There was nothing wrong with the phones to begin with. The storms blew up my modem. Apologies for the bad thoughts I had about Ote and thanks to Rien Post from Lefki Cam for coming to my rescue with a modem I can borrow until I buy a new one. No more Win dependent modems, just a good old dependable hardware Modem. Anyone have one for sale?

Fri 9 Sep - Yes, real signs of Autumn now. The days are getting noticeably shorter and the mornings have a crisp freshness to them that's indicative of this season. September, so far, has been humid and temperamental, which is just how Lahos local Nikos Vlassopoulos, said it would be for this month. In his 89 years he has had enough experience to be confident in saying that - whatever the weather around the full moon, will be the pattern of weather for the entire moon cycle. His prediction for the month of September is that there will be as many cloudy and rainy periods as there are sunny periods, with the storms that started the month returning throughout to make this month unpredictable in terms of just how the days will end up. So far, Nikos has been right. Days start off brilliantly and change without warning, or start off overcast and threatening rain, suddenly clearing to warm and humid afternoons with nothing but blue skies to the horizon.

Other news is that Xanthi Douglas, wife of Nikos (Elvis) of The Gods Gift shop in Frikes, formerly the Scooter Rental Office, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy Wednesday 7th September in Patras. The babys' arrival is 20 days early and has thrilled them and their families. Xanthi is particularly grateful for an early arrival having been pregant and working through the Summer in Frikes. Everyone in the north is trying to imagine Niko pushing his son around in the pram through the main street of Frikes... What is not difficult to imagine is the smile that will be beaming ear to ear on his return to Ithaca, as a proud first time father. Congratulations to Xanthi and Niko.


Sat 17 Sep - Mrs. Moussouri from Vathy has news for hOME ithaca greece that NASA with its' satellite claims to have found Ulysses Castle. All shall be revealed next Wednesday through CNN on Satellite TV.

Heidi aka Lola demo gate-crashed the Chapries gig last night in Kioni, hijacking the tamborine and occasionally the microphone. The boys from the band, Dimo, Stavros and Niko, smiled politely and pretended she was a tree. The intimate audience, who waited an hour past the advertised starting time, were forgiving and cheered relentlessly for an encore, at which point Vaggo, the Chapries mascot, sang the awaited 'Satisfaction' from the Rolling Stones, in his punk tropo. The Chapries kept Kioni up past its' bed time and then went back to Vathy, but left Heidi, who could not be pried from the stage, to play tamborine to the ducks and the cleaners. News has it that she was still there in the morning, completely unaware that the band had gone home.

Shame on me for not getting the Chapries online. Where was I?

Tue 20 Sep - Everyone gets a little romantic when on holiday, it's an expected sensation, but the couple who went for it on the bay of Kioni last week, were so overwhelmed by their emotion that they took little old kioni straight out of the fairytale picture book and placed directly into the scene of a porn movie. With all the deserted beaches at this time of year, they pick the stretch of paved bayside directly next to Spavento Bars' Umbrellas to have sex. Kioni bay is like an amphitheater., no need to find a good seat. From any standpoint around the horseshoe bay, you can see. With all the digital cameras around, let's hope they don't get put on the internet.

A 4. something tremor rumbled around Ithaki in the early hours of the morning. Kioni felt a little of the shake that hit Cephalonia. No damage here or on the neighbour isle.

Fri 30 Sep - News is that Exoghi and Kioni have been listed as Heritage Villages under EU law. This news secures these villages in terms of maintaining tradtional architecure.

The road of Aetos is still unfinished. With the Winter rains ahead, fears are it will be in total ruin again before the works to complete it can even start. The Council has seen to it, that the potholes and the erosion of the roads' surface, left by the hectic Summer traffic, are filled up every now and again, so it hasn't been as bad as last year to travel north to south.

Everyone is talking about the end of the season, but yesterday saw 300 daytrippers coming of the boats in Kioni and at night, all the tavernas in Frikes were full with the bay jam packed with yachts. Ithacas Summer season has extended from the hectic few weeks in August to a more managable flow of tourism which starts in May and ends?...Let's see.

Before we end Ithaki General for another year, a reminder that tomorrow, Saturday 1st, Polis holds the annual Sardine Festival. there'll be food and drink and the northern Ithacan community, out and about. Head down around 10.30am.

...and so the end of September, means the end of Ithaki General for this year. For all the news over the coming months, please visit Winter on Ithaca.

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