Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005

Around the Villages 2005

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Ithaca Summer Fun
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MAY - Welcome to Around the Villages for 2005. Here you'll find all the events and things happening over the Summer from Kioni to Vathy and everywhere inbetween.
Sat 7th May - Heavy winds battered the island all night and all day. That anything or anyone remained standing

Thur 5 May -
The big trees at the Vathy High School are coming down. Many will think this a very big shame. Thank you to Stavros Delas for sending in the pics. The Garden Theatre at Vathy High School is the venue for most of the concerts that take place on Ithaki during the Summer. For visitors to the island wanting to enjoy the outdoor entertainment, go towards Ena Supermarket and turn left at the crossroad. A few meters on your left again, is the school.
standing is a miracle. Now, at 5pm, the sun is shining again, but most of today was a sudden flashback to winter.
Boats in Vathy and all over the island were tossed by the 7 force and stronger, winds. At times the wind was so strong you could not walk against it. Phew! Glad that's over.
Dexa beach (above) just outside Vathy, is looking a little lonely, but now that the weather is heating up, it won't be long before the first swimmers hit the water.
Frikes bay comes alive
Wed 11 May - Left - Ester van Zuylen, artist living on Ithaki, puts her hand to the practical by signwriting boats in Frikes. Ester does walking and art tours around the island as well as sign painting for her bread and butter. She was one of many working this Labor Day, although public offices were closed.
Ii's a great time on the island this time of year. Green pastures everywhere, a scene unknown to those who flock here only in the Summer, and blue seas and skies to give Ithacans the Kefi (good cheer) that is a little hard to find in Winter.
The girls at Penelope restaurant take a break after lunch, gathering their strength for any Flotillas coming in through the afternoon.
Wed 18 May - Left - The quaint little church in the back street of Frikes becomes more hidden as more and more buildings go up and / or are renovated around the small fishing village. There is a little unease in the village with the Plans for re-allocating bayfront space, used by the restaurants in Frikes, not being ideal for all. Some will gain a meter, some may lose. Let's just hope we don't have to walk around the block to use the toilets of the restaurant we are sitting at.
Thur 19 May - This crossroad in Lahos is usually the place most visitors to the island halt, pull out the map and wonder which way to get to Stavros. Answer - Both take you to Stavros. Left is faster - Right is longer, both take you through some of Platrithias villages.
Yachts in Kioni Bay
Sat May 21 - Last night the wind chilled everyone back into their coats. In Kioni (above) yachts sheltered in the bay from the expected bad weather. It looked like the skies would open.
Sun 22 May - Yesterday, Independece Day and Name Days for Eleni and Konstantino meant a lazy day for some and an extremely busy day for others. The mild and sunny day was a great opportunity to make the most of this Public holiday. The South island went North for lunch and the North island went South for the Independence Day morning Parade.
Above - Katerina and sister Vasso from Penelope Restaurant in Frikes take a break and an opportunity to tan, after a hectic lunch session. Right - The old Mill on top of Frikes.
Above - Clear skies and calm seas in Frikes

Above - Early evening, a little wind picks up the bay in Vathy while the Kefalonia takes its' Saturday afternoon nap

Above - Late afternoon, the quiet side of Vathy Bay has a peaceful air about it, but by the time the sun sets, there will be more celebrations for this Public Holiday and the serenity of birds singing in the trees will turn into the dff dff dff ringing out of the Bars until the early hours of the morning.

A quiet afternoon in Frikes gives way to some relaxed conversations around the table at Symposium Restaurant. Left - Right - Saba, Meropi and sister Olympia, and Stathis. Some well known faces around the northern Port village of Frikes.
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