Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005
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Ithaca Summer Fun
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July 2005 Around the Villages of Ithaca
Sun 24 July - Left Views from Kolieri. One of the secrets of the Northern Isle that is usually undiscovered due to its' distance from the well beaten tracks. It's a peaceful village with a friendly community and great views over Aphales.
Right - Another great sunset from Lefki
Above - Batis Pizzeria/Restaurant Vathy on the Bay
Vathy is buzzing with people on a warm summers' night. From Batis Pizzeria/ Restaurant, right on the bay, to Drosia in the hills of Vathy with views down to the bay. There was no shortage of activity. Great aromas of food wafting around town with the accompanying clink of glasses toasting to a holiday on Ithaca.
Above - In the kitchen at Drosia Restaurant over Vathy
Above - The Charcoal Grill at Drosia
Above - Aristotelis keeps the souvlaki coming at Kalkanis Restaurant behind the village Square.
Some great places to eat in Vathy
Above - O Zois Restaurant in the Vathy square.
After your dinner in Vathy on the bay or in the hills from Drosia Restaurant, you can take in the night views with all the colourful lights of Vathy town below or head to Filiatro beach for a late night drink at the Cantina Bar. Filiatro also has lights on the sea for that midnight swim. What better than that on a warm Summer night. Dexa Beach on the other side of Vathy also has a Cantina Bar which is a great place to sit and socialize with the calming effect of the ocean soundtrack to see you through the night. Wherever you decide to go, be it north or south, town or village, bayside or in the hills, one thing is for certain, you will be looked after by friendly people who take pleasure in making sure your holiday is a great one and then you'll come back to Ithaki again and again.
Above - Gregory from Paliocaravo Restaurant
Above - The garden courtyard of Karamela Cafe right across from the Kefalonia ferry Dock
Around Vathy
Above - Filiatro Beach Cantina - Southern Ithaca
Above - Bay lights from the hills of Vathy
Tue 26 July - Sunrise in Stavros. Heavy clouds lifted with dawn and a hot day lay ahead
The island is divided. Half say there are more people here this year than last, others say there are less people than ever here. Over the past 2 - 3 years there may be less people here at any one time, but the season has been extended from the usual month of August to May to end of September/ early October. Those who keep databases for their restaurants see the difference in their figures and they say tourism is up for this year on last.
Wed 27 July - During a heatwave, Frikes is always the best place to cool down, but not on this day. Even this usually cool village suffered from the heat which is predicted to rise over the next few days. When the afternoon wind started blowing, it was to the dismay of many that it blew hot, so it was off the beaches or under a tree for some shade and an ice cold drink. During the afternoon, the bay began to fill with yachts anchoring in this port village and there was no doubt it would be a busy night in Frikes.
Something that definitely is up are the temperatures around the island. Not a drop of rain in months. Just how it should be for this time of year.
Above - Symposium Restaurant in Frikes at midday, where Meropi and Olympia Vasilopoulos, serve up a feast for their patrons on a hot Summers' day.
Clear views to the mainland
Above - Frikes, the other side of the bay...and the yachts just keep coming in.
Above - Nostos Hotel 'drive by' The pool looks tempting, but it's off to the beach
Below - Stathis and wife Constantina end the night shift at their restaurant, Penelope in Frikes (also known as Steve's place) with a quiet drink...of water?
Sat 30 July - The ferry from Lefkada unloads another lot of tourists in Frikes. It's 10am and the sultry morning is still steaming from yesterdays heat and promising another day and night of scorching temps.
Scorching days and hot and breathless nights over the past week. The heatwave will continue for awhile yet, so wherever you are whether you like it or not, we're off to the beach to cool off. The vibe is on Polis Beach below Stavros. The road is fixed and it's business as usual.
While everyone on holiday heads to the beach, there is an entire island working so that your holiday will be one to remember.
Left - It's still early in the day so Polis is almost empty. Those able to get to the beach before midday are lucky dogs, but by the end of this hot Friday, the bets are on that everyone will be wet and floating on the Ionian.
Right - Going behind the scenes at Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes. Preparation in ernest for the day and night ahead. It's an early start for kitchen staff around the entire island, as preparation for all the dishes that are loved by all of you, goes under way. Here Margarita, one of the chefs at Rementzo, makes her own Filo Pastry. This will be the base for a spinach, tomatoe or cod pie.
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