Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005
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Ithaca Summer Fun
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July 2005 Around the Villages of Ithaca
Mon 4 July - Yesterday the wind blew all day and the skies clouded over every now and again, cooling the air down quite abit after the heatwave, The wind managed to clear the mist from the sky and the clouds were blown away. The predicted weather change passed Ithaki by again. Athens and other towns on the mainland were not so lucky with flash floods causing mayhem in many areas.
Tue 5 July - Yesterday Costas celebrated his birthday. I know how old he is, but I'm not telling. Costa (Left) celebrated his with his family, girlfriend Vicki and assorted friends at Gefyri Restaruant in Platrithia. Hronia Polla
Don't forget to check the Events Calender for all the Name Days, Events, Concerts and Festivals this month around Ithaki.
Let them eat cake
Cleaning up in Kioni
Wed 6 July - Late afternoon in Frikes, the harbour fills with private and Flotilla yachts, and the streets and restaurants begin to stir after the quiet siesta.
Above - After dinner in Kioni, it's time for a stroll along the harbour road, selecting gifts from the tourist shops along the way to take home as a reminder of your stay, or simply to enjoy the warm summer nights Kioni is so famous for.
Above - Diamonto (in pink) from Mentor Cafe, enjoys a break and a chat with her friends as the night ends in Kioni. As we get deeper into July and then August, there will be little time for these precious moments.
Sat 9 July - Kioni bay glistens under the hot sun on a hot morning in July. a good time for coffee or an orange juice, to read the paper and relax.
Sun 10 July - Stavros Locals, Christo, Kaliopi and Vivika enjoying a meal and a joke with Nektarios at Rementzo in Frikes
Mon 11 July- Calm seas and still air with the hot and muggy weather predicted over the next week. Just breathing encourages the sweat glands to react. Just get a good position at your favorite beach adn cool yourself down in the blue, clear Ionian.
Siesta time around the village
The fish farm at Aetos just outside Vathy.
The old stone houses of Rax, the northern Ithacan village in the hills above Kioni
At 9pm the damp began to roll over the mountains around Frikes and Platrithias. It's going to be a hot night on Ithaca.
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