Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005
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Ithaca Summer Fun
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Summer on Ithaca 2005
So many Panighiri and so little time
Perahori Wine Festival
Saturday 30th July
Wine on tap until the barrels run dry and the Spirit of the Panighiri of old
Mon 1 Aug - Above - So you think a picture tells a thousand words? Let me tell you about this picture then, because the words you're thinking are probably wrong! Yes, really.
It's a warm and sultry night, the usually cool village of Frikes is suffering under the hot night air and the coolest place to be is on the Pier, where the sea breeze is still refreshing before it hits the mountains and absorbs the days' heat wave temps of 39+. The boys are out for some fun, and what could be more fun than heckling across the black night bay of Frikes to a couple of girls and their boyfriends on a boat across the other side. Their voices echo off the slopes and the echo takes their teasing and heckling into the sphere of theatrical proportions, amplified by the still of night and the embrace of the Frikes mountains, taking their voices up to the villages. When there is no response coming from the blackness beyond, one of the boys gets out his.......... mobile phone and sends a message to a mate. Get those thumbs working!
Couples take some time for a little romance along the bay, and why not? Greece is a romantic place with starlit skies and summer breezes, lights reflecting in the sea and large ferries crossing the horizon, bound for Italy.
Around 12.30 am, the restaurants begin to clean up after a long night of dining and the streets begin to empty, by the time it's 1am, the series of bike lights heading to Bemenis Bar in Frikes and Spavento Bar in Kioni light up the night streets and increase the amplitude of these small island villages with revving engines. There is another life that goes on between the hours of 1am - 6am. To enjoy the day, the evening, the night and the morning hours, an afternoon nap is imperative to survive the full Summer spectrum of activity. Now, whose turn to buy the Svinaki shots? and hey, maybe a midnight swim after?
SMS thumb therapy. The exercise of a Nation.
Presenter, Dimitris Danis has been rather quiet so far this year, but Posters are now going up for his latest presentation 'Full Moon Love' to be held at the Hostel behind the High School in Vathy on 19th August as one of The Fimios Summer Presentations in Municipal Cultural Performances. A Performance of Dance and Poetry, starring the very talented Brazilian Dancer/Choreographer and Producer, Eder Cardoso, spoken word by Tomi Dendrinou and Maria Kouyianou and helped along by the Childrens Dance section taught by Eder Cardoso at the Vathy Gym. Write this one into your diaries for something different.
Eder Cardoso is now living in Vathy, where he teaches dance and movement to the community, including its' children, at the Vathy Gymnasium. Anyone is welcome to enroll in one of his classes which have the participants and students, moving the Cardoso way.
Tue 2 Aug - Happy Birthday to you...and you, Happy Birthday to you... and you, Happy Birthday to both of you (one is thirty-five, the other only twenty two) Happy Birthday to you... and you. Big Nek and Little Vikki bump into each other in the street last night to discover they have more than just good looks in common. They share the same Birthday. Where's the cake?
Shadow Puppets make Kioni Nostalgic. Children and adults get a kick out of good family humour
Another hot night gets Ithaca out and into the streets close to the bays around the island. the community preoccupation is with getting cool, so wherever a sea breeze blows, is where the action is.
Above - The Karadiosi Shadow Puppet Show thrilled the young and the old in Kioni last night. Some wholesome entertainment in the age of pc games and pinball. Summer on Ithaca is such a festive time, so come be part of it and join in the fun.
The kis really got into the spirit of participation and anyway, it was a great excuse to head to the Kioni Square, where the 3 person show, had its' Ithacan debut.
Above - Alexandros Taflambas, Fimios organizer, and wife Poli, enjoy a night in Kioni, far from the workload that usually keeps them both in Vathy where they live. Alexandros in his duties with Fimios, is responsible for most of the entertainment around the island. For more concerts during the Summer, check the Calendar. You'll find it under events.
The next Shadow Puppet show is on in Frikes tonight.

Left - Dimitri from Avra Restaurant in Kioni shows off some spectacular lobster. Even without the moan, I'll have what he's having!

Right - The souvlaki on the Charcoal Grill are a sight for sore eyes after a day at the beach (or in front of the air conditioning unit) At Avra Restaurant, or Coronis as it's lovingly known around the island, there's always something cooking. With weather like this, it's easy to be empathetic with the cook behind the grill. The night temp was around 24 C, and with these heat wave conditions, meat on the grill wasn't the only thing sizzling.

Happy Birthday again
Fri 5 Aug - Vasso celebrated her 17th birthday with her family and friends last night. Rementzo bosses Nektarios and Poppy gave her a night off to get dressed up and hit the town without work committments getting in the way. When it came to cutting the cake, Vasso and her friends headed back to Frikes where her mum Susannah, one of the Rementzo cooks, had a huge birthday cake waiting for her, decorated with many sparklers for her to blow out.
It was a cool, almost chilly night again last night after the weeks of heatwave conditions, and instead of it being a relief, the relentless wind made it a misery. Just can't win!
Below - Big yachts and ferries come into Vathy to shelter from the strong winds yesterday and today. Every day more and more people come of the Kefalonia ferry for their Summer holidays on Ithaca.







Left - Stavros gets ready for the big 2 day Panighiri. Ag. Sortiros. The chairs are out, the lights are up and in silence, the community prepares for their big double header of fun which brings the whole island together to take part in the festivities.. See you there and don't forget to smile.
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