Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005
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Ithaca Summer Fun
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Mon 6 June - A day at the beach. Kourvoulia 2 just outside Frikes going towards Kioni. The forecast prediction was 17C. WRONG  
A Day At The Beach
Ithaca seems to have a micro climate of its' own happening. Usually it misses out on the bad weather predicted for the Ionian, as today. A warm and mild 25 C and who wouldn't want to spend a day like this at the beach. Maria and kids from Margarita Cafe in Stavros take the opportunity for a swim this month. By next month they'll all be too busy at their Cafe and the beaches will be full with sun seekers. No jelly fish in sight, that season is well over, and the sea is beginning to warm up. Nice.
Tue 7 June - Left - Ag Nikolaos Church in Vathy. The caretaker and Papas (Father) of this beautifully maintained church is Father Theodoris. The big surprise behind the doors of this premise is the hi tech office left as you walk in the door. For Father Theodoris it's one step forward after another. A modern priest for a modern day community. hOME ithaca greece will soon have a special on Ithacan churches which will include this and other churches around the island.
Epiharis and Aristotelis Kalkanis enjoy the beautiful Summer morning in Vathy. It's coffee time. After the morning it's off to their restaurant Kalkanis, behind the Greek National Bank, to prepare for the dinner crowds of Vathy town.
Wed 8 June - Below - The sun goes down over Kioni harbour.
Thu 9 June - Above - The fields are still quite lush around Ithaki. This area was used after the 53 earthquakes, as safe ground.
Above,The Nostos Hotel in Frikes, a pic to remind you.
Greece plays Ukraine for a leg up in the World Cup
Another Big Wednesday at Bemenis in Frikes. The cold and windy night retarded events a little, but no matter how cold or how hot it gets, the Green wall will always be the 'Chill Zone'
Christos the Cook
Maki from Stavros, Jimmy from Ag. Sarantas
Yachties warm up while the boys....
Strike a pose
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