Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005
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Ithaca Summer Fun
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Fri 19 Aug - Perahori howls like a wounded dog on a windy day, but the clarity of view from this mountain village when wind clears away the mist, is awesome to
Above - Vathy gets dusted in gold as the sun sets on Ithaca. Yesterdays' wind ruffled the feathers of the island, but that didn't stop anyone from enjoying the crisp, clear day.
say the least. Perahori has history oozing from the cracks in the pavement and a serenity rarely experienced in every day life. Just wonderful!
Peaceful seaside views at Sarakiniko Beach with ducks and boats and lovers washing away their fears in the clear waters of the bay. And it would be absolutely idyllic if it wasn't for the smell of the rubbish building up into a great big pile at the mouth of the bay. A Summer side effect. The sign says 'Rubbish 100 meters', but guess that's too far to walk. It gets dumped right beneath the sign. This camping beach needs a good clean and little disinfecting after this season. Campers, please take your rubbish with you. No fees are charged for parking therefore the obligation to keep Ithaca beautiful is on you. Help Ithacans keep Ithaca beautiful for everyone to enjoy.
Sat 20 Aug - Below - The Aqua waters of the Nostos Hotel swimming pool in Frikes. The Nostos Hotel has gathered many fans this Summer with this years addition of the pool. It gets the thumbs up from the all the happy tourists who have stayed at the hotel.
Last night the sun set over Vathy and as the full moon rose in the darkening sky, Eder Cardoso, Dimitris Danis, Maria, Tomi and some of Ithakis school girls, prepared for their performance of Full Moon Love. Another Performance presented by Fimios.

The old Vathy School dormitory behind the Vathy High school, was transformed into a wonderful set for this performance of Full Moon Love, magically lit with excellent sound and considerable seating for the audience. The performance was enjoyed by all.

Above - Eder gives his young ensemble a pep talk behind stage. The girls were thrilled and couldn't wait for curtain up.
Tomi Dendrinou and Maria Kouyianou gave their voices to the story behind the dance on the balcony above, while Eder, the girls and Loula, performed on the stage below. It was an inspired performance that coloured the night with deep reds and gold. The trees rustled in the wind around the garden and classical music came from all corners to engulf everyone who attended in this wonderful Performance by Eder Cardoso and his ensemble.
Full Moon Love was another successful presentation of Ithakis' Fimios. Alexandros Taflambas, organizer for Fimios Presentations, was there to greet the audience, which included the Mayor, Tilemahos Karavias and his wife, as they arrived and Vathy, supported the event by turning up in droves to see its' children and Eder dance 'live' on stage at the Vathy Dormitory.
Above - Everyone took their bow and Eder Cardoso thanked Dimitris Danis for making this performance a reality.
Sun 21 Aug - Above - The old Hotel at Kalamos Springs. This romantic setting was once the playground of the rich and famous, such as Sophia Loren. Now this wonderful building stands delapidated, but it's orchards and gardens still bloom in season and of course the views will never deterriorate..
Above - Strange lights in the late afternoon sky over northern Ithaki...
Right - And the eerie mist rolls in over Aphales Bay.
Mon 22 Aug - It seems like the masses of tourists are dissipating into a steady stream. Still lots of people on the island and coming to the island, but the traffic is slowly decreasing to a more managable pace. Piso Aetos is unfortunately still quite an ordeal to overcome whether coming to Ithaca or leaving Ithaca, although the authorities are trying their hardest to make the arrivals and departures run in a more orderly fashion. On a hot day like yesterday however, it doesn't matter how orderly the exodus, Piso Aetos is not a place to be in the heat of the day unless you're there to swim at one of the beaches.
Above - View descending the old road down to Kioni from Raxi. Yesterday, the sea was like glass all around the island. Great Day.

Tue 23 Aug - Above - Marmaka Beach around the cove from Frikes has marble stones lining its' shore, Mountains overhead and olive groves at its' feet.

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