Ithaca Greece. Summer happenings on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki 2005

Around the Villages 2005

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Ithaca Summer Fun
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Tues 31 May - Right - The Douglas cousins take over the street. (L) Yiorgos (R) Nikos.
Below - A lovely view from Penelope Restaurant in Frikes.
Cruising with the Poet
Tue 31 May - Platrighia is buzzing with late afternoon activity as the local sheep parade through the streets looking for a lush patch to graze on
The Flotillas start making their way into Frikes Bay as the darkening sky on the horizon closes in on Ithaki. All rumble, no action though.
The wind picked up the bays around the island, but for all its' puff, fizzled out by the evening.
It's June Around the Villages  
Wed 1 June - Last night, strong winds below, but not at Drosia Restaurant, just over Vathy on the way to Filiatro Beach. The Oasis of Drosia was peaceful as the rest of Vathy crashed around in the wind. Above - Niko, the Chef and part owner, relaxes with a coffee.
Down on the bay, at Mylos Creperie, Alexandros (L), Lawyer and Fimios organizer, spends some quality time with his friend Nikos (R) as strong winds and the cooling air batter lower Vathy.
The sunsets on Vathy and on May
Thur 2 June - Below left. Christina, waitress at Spavento, hijacks mystery person with 1 leg and a big belly button for a photo. Something to do during the quiet afternoon in Kioni after all the Day Tripper boats head back to their ports.

Below right - Stavros and Gerasimos pay a visit to the villages from Vathy on their big KTM bikes. Stavros just arrived back from Jordon, where he had a weeks' break from his busy life on the island as Travel Agent at Delas Tours.

Big Truck takes over Kioni

Spavento Cafe Bar was edged off the street by the delivery truck which had no idea where it was going. After screams of "Stop! Stop!" the driver gave the patrons of the Cafe Bar a minute to evacuate before he continued to plough through the narrow space between Spavento and the bay, scraping off bits of stone wall as he proceeded. The driver thought it was funny, but those interrupted from their afternoon coffee were not quite as amused.

The truck returned after about an hour and a half and everyone once again jumped to safety as the driver prodded and pushed the boundaries of safe driving, trying to turn the truck on a coin. Next time he may like to consult a map or ask about the conditions that may be awaiting him ... or maybe trade in his truck for a van?

Fri 3 June - Above - A brand new and colourful look for Avra Restaurant in Kioni. A garden of Eden with food and wine. Mmmmmmm

Above - Yiannis, Lefkis Mayor, Stavros' Taverna Owner and on of northern Ithakis Taxi drivers does the ferry route from Kioni to Piso Aetos.
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