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Friday 7th - I believe there are many Panighiri victims after the marathon 2 day festival in Stavros for Sotiros these past days. Panighiri time is far from over with the Anoghi Panighiri on the 14th August and the last big Panighiri at Platrithia on the 15th August. Inbetween there are still plenty of other things going on so pick yourselves up a programme from the Ithaki Council with all the plays and performance dates you need to fill up your Summer on Ithaca.
This video of the 2nd night of Sotiros left is on Youtube, unfortunately the Youtube compression barely makes them viewable in my eyes, but for now (without ADSL) it's the only viable option. Hope you'll get something out of it.
Saturday 8th - Ok, now it is getting just a little harder to find a spot on the beach just for yourself, but if you have or hire a boat either at Polis Bay or in Kioni, you can still find a beach spot with just your name on it. Below Left - Krouvoulia No. 2 beach just past Frikes. Below Right - Exoghi views
Sunday 9th - Left - One of Ithakis favourite and popular beaches, Ag. Ioannis, just south of Lefki. Blue skies all around and aqua waters.
This weekend, the annual Agriculture Fair is on at the Vathy Square. Farmers and locals from Perahori show and sell their produce and handmade products and tonight is also the last day of the Blues Festival on at the Garden Theatre at Vathy High School.
If your Greek is good, you may also like to attend a lecture at Limnes (Platrithia site of the annual Panighiri) The Lecture will be given by Pan. Sikiotis.
On Wednesday, 12th August, Forkynas, the Children Theatre Group of Ithaki, will put on a performance of 'The Frogs' a play by Aristofanis, so take your kiddies, young and old, along to the Garden Theatre at the Vathy High School and support Forkynas Theatre.
Weatherwise, we've had a great summer so far. Hot, but not too hot.
Dark skies started rolling across the sea this evening and lo and behold, the weather bureau predicts rain and thunderstorms with temp drops around Greece. Let's see if this forecast pans out or whether Ithakis' micro-climate will let us all continue to enjoy summer with rainy days.
Tuesday 11th - No rain yesterday as predicted. The wind picked up a little, but that was the extent of any change. As you can see by the pics, blue skies all around.
Ithaki may only be a little island, but during the summer months, it's quite a cosmopolitan with lots of interesting people coming to visit our shores. So many languages and accents in the streets. It's great!
Left - Hani (Chani) is still one of the Gems of Ithaki, even during August, it's a place to gain your peace and equilibrium away from the hussle and bustle below. With the views down to Vathy Bay and across to Cephalonia, the Chani Cafe or restaurant is a great place to spend some time. Even the locals treat themselves here.
Friday 14th - Anoghi Panighiri tonight. This has another great traditional atmosphere with food, wine and dance. Get along, you really will have a great time. The money raised goes to the local community. Below Left - Vathy bay at sunset. Below Right - Dimitris Danis has closed Ores Gallery for the Summer and will open again around September with new exhibitions. If you miss seeing his face then head to Manus on the bayside where he will thrill you with his bar skills. Some believe Dimitris is better than Tom Cruise when it comes to trix with a mix.
Locals here, as everywhere else around the tourist traps, were worried how the season would go with the fearful crisis hanging over head, but crisis or not, the Season has turned out better than anyone hoped. There are more boats on the harbour, more people eating at the restaurants etc etc etc. It's been a booming Season.
Anoghi Panighiri
Friday 14th August 2009
Traditionally it's wise to take a jacket up to Anoghi for the Festival and this year was no exception. Clouds began to gather a little through the afternoon giving a loud and clear clue that it may get a little fresh up there on the mountain, but with no wind, the temperature was just perfect to dance the night away. Once you near the town boundary, before you even get to the village Square, the music echoes down the road, alerting you that something special is going on a little way ahead, so you squeeze into a vacant spot along the road side, park and let your feet carry you to where the Panighiri awaits with good Kefi, food, drink and music.
For more pics Click Here or on photograph below
Since midnight last night to 4pm this afternoon, Vathy Bay road from Dendraki to Captain Yiannis hotel, has been closed off to parking under the strictest of security due to the visit of the Greek President. There's not much information on this prestigious visit, but I was told that there is no Parade which I find a little unusual so no pics. The president will be making a visit to Kathara Monastry, having lunch and a church visit with local Concil heads and officiaries.
Tonight of course is the Platrithia Panighiri at Limnes. This festival usually signals the High Season retreat. It's from this time on, most Greek visitors head back to the mainland and the streets will slowly become less congested as we head into September.
Platrithia Panighiri
Saturday 14th August 2009
  For more pics and a video Click Here or on photo above.
I don't think there has ever been a bigger Panaghias (Platrithia Panighiri) at Limnes. The Platrithia square was exploding at the seams with the massive attendance this year. A great success for the Platrithia community and for all those who attended. Lots of fun, lots of laughs, eating, drinking and dancing. Click Above for more. There will be a video coming soon, but first there has to be sleep for this Panighiri Victim :)
Wednesday 19th August - Can't believe we're already nose deep into the last couple of weeks of August. Time is just flying by.
Left - Kioni Bay lights.
Below Left - Maria and Costa, enjoying their time high on Exoghi mountain where they have their Summer home.
Below - Vathy Bay from Mazarata. Vathy, Ithakis Capital, looks stunning as usual.
Left - All through this 2009 Season, the Nidri Star has been anchoring for lunch in Frikes loaded with Day Tripping tourists eager, hungry and enthusiastic..."Um, where are we?" To see this video you will need Broadband or a better Wireless internet connection than we have here.
Thursday 20th - If there's a crisis, you'd never believe it on Ithaca. This year we seem to have had a bumper tourist Season. The restaurants are full, the beaches are full and whoever said things would be dying down after the Platrithia Panighiri on the 15th of August? Well, almost everyone, but the amount of cars getting off the ferry on Ithaca as opposed to getting on the ferry to leave Ithaca, show very clearly that those arriving greatly outnumber those departing. This has been a great shot in the arm for local businesses.
Below Left - Vathy Bay. Some days you can't see the water from the yachts anchored in the bay.
Below Right - Mayhem at Polis Beach. Colourful umbrellas strewn from one end of the beach to the other as locals and visitors alike, scramble for a little shade on these hot summer days. The water is cool and refreshing. Just what's needed with 37C degrees.
Left - Just one of the beautiful beaches in and around the Kioni area. This shady retreat near Mavrona is well concealed from the road, but still people smell out a good beach no matter how well it's covered by cypress trees and scrub.
The big and small of it
Friday 21st - It's been very hot these past few days and a little difficult to sleep as the nights are still very warm. Best place to be is in the sea.
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