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Below - Dimitris Danis, 2010 Curator for the Vathy Art Gallery presented the opening night for Haris (Charidimos) Louvros, Greek photographer. A very impressive photographic exhibition of 'landscapes and shipyards'. Through the night, Haris took photographs of his guests and the general public who came to see his exhibition in a studio set up for this purpose. It's on until 26th June so get along and have a look. You won't be disappointed.
Sunday 13th - Suddenly the temperature went up over the past couple of days. It really feels like Summer now. With temperatures rising to mid to high 30s for next week, there will be no doubt.
Left - Straight off the boat are Jules, Max, Caz and Jack. It's their first time to Ithaca and what better way to get into it than with some traditional Greek food.
Vathy Art Gallery
While the Gallery was exhibiting Haris Louvros, the Cultural Center in Vathy was putting on a show with dance. Groups from toddlers to 'grown-ups' presented dance routines learned this year through Dance instruction. "Quick! Run before you miss it!"

Monday 14th - Hot weather predicted over the next week, but as long as there isn't a hot wind blowing from the south, sea breezes will do much to cool us down when we need it. Presently it's quite misty and it doesn't feel like it will reach the temperature forecast, but you never can tell. Below - Kioni Bayside at night. Avra Restaurant has a wide view of the bay as do the other establishments on this lovely bay.
Left - George at Spavento Bar in Kioni was playing the Rolling Stones re-issue of Exile on Mainstreet with 8 extra tracks that never made it on the original album. In the background The World Cup was playing on Net tv. Yes, it's World Cup Fever again, but I must admit it's not anywhere near as feverish as it used to be. The noticeable difference is the Puners who aren't glued to the indoor and outdoor wide screen television sets as they were in previous years. One might ask "Where is everyone?"
Don't forget that the Vathy Art Gallery is presenting various exhibitions over the next couple of months. Currently Harris Louvros Photographic exhibtion is on until the 21st June and then on the 25th June until 7th July, Turkish Arttist, Bosmat Niron is presenting her ecoArt 'Make It Precious' exhibition.
Wednesday 16th - Ithaca in Summer is a bright and colourful montage of views, interesting people, beach and food.
Left - Margarita Cafe Bar in Stavros had its enormous screen up, but only a handful of people were there to watch the game. It could be that no one is interested in either Australia or Germany, but may more likely be that the economic crisis has reached into the pockets of locals that prefer to stay at home than go out to their local cafe as they have always done in the past. Below - Fatouros Taverna in Stavros is still one of the most traditional little tavernas you'll find on Ithaki.
Thursday 17th - Right - They look spooky, but the spiders hanging weaving their webs between almost every branch on the roadsides, are harmless. Below - Yesterday the weather was perfect for swimming at dusk as it will be again today.
Left - Con is here from Australia and relaxing at Polis beach after the mountain of work he had to climb over to get to this idyllic spot. No wonder he's smiling ear to ear. Below - Lucky looks over his happy campers at Polis beach
Left - The Moraitis family has its roots in Stavros, but live in the US. We caught up with them over a refreshment in Frikes where a cooling breeze took the edge of a very hot day yesterday.
Heatwave! Yes, the past days have been extremely hot for this time of year. 38/39C degrees. Last June we also had a heatwave for most of the month, but then July and August were quite temperate and very enjoyable. Not too hot. Let's hope we can enjoy the same again this year.
With the warm and mild night, it was good to see some of the locals enjoying Frikes bayside.
Above - The romantic dinner ritual of dining on the bayside. Left - Lots of Flotillas sailed in to Frikes late afternoon yesterday, filling the restaurants and cafes. The warm evening temps even kept them out to enjoy another round of football. Tonight with Greece playing Nigeria, there should be quite alot of enthusiasm.
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