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Monday 21st - Above - Forkys Bay at Dexa near Vathy. Right - A Greek produced beer with a timely message. Drink to 'remember'.
On the 25th June at the Gallery in Vathy, Israeli artist, Bosmat Niron presents her ecoArt exhibition on Ithaca. Get along to support the Gallery which is committed to bringing some interesting and worthwhile exhibitions to locals and visitors to Ithaki, alike.
A change in weather today. Cloud has been increasing since sunrise and thus maybe, the forecast rain for the region may become a reality. Not good for those visiting the island, but on the positive side, rain always does the earth some good.

Tuesday 22nd - It actually rained yesterday and it's actually raining again today, AND, if the weather bureau is correct, we'll have unsettled weather around our parts until the weekend. It's a little depressing for visitors and locals alike. What isn't depressing are the very crisp views we have presently. The colours are spectacular and if you're a photo buff, then there's enough drama in the sky to make for some interesting shots.
It's no secret that the colour of the sunsets around Lefki are stunning, but Vathy also has some wonderful rays falling over the bay as the last bit of sun shines over the village before it sets behind Kefalonia.
Last night, the wind howled and the skies opened up, but, this morning, although the skies continue to be grey, there are some rays of sun coming through occasionally. Looking out my window, the mountain village of Exoghi in the north of Ithaki, has been bathing in the sunshine since I got up. So, ok, it's not swimming weather, but it is great weather to walk and take in the sites of ithaki. Charge that battery on your digital camera and start aiming your lens.
On the 3rd July, the first Street Festival of the season takes place in Frikes in the north of Ithaki. Usually the Frikes Panighiri is held on the 30th, but this year has pushed it up to the 3rd of July to get Vathinians up for the weekend.
Right - Aghia Marina church in Exoghi. It's around this particular church that Exoghi has its Street Festival (Panighiri) in July. Although the Frikes Panighiri is the first of the Season, the Exoghi Panighiri is considered to be THE panighiri not to miss. I particularly like this Panighiri because the local community always seem to make it such a pleasurable experience. It has KEFI (Good Cheer) from start to finish.
Below - The views from Exoghi toward Afales are probably some of the most stunning on the island. Even after all these years, I go straight for the camera when I see the water this blue.
Wednesday 23rd - The weather turned really bitter yesterday afternoon, but before the skies turned black and emptied over us, we had some lovely sunny patches. Left - Phillipas van, spray painted and looking brand spanking new. Phillipa comes a few times a week from Lefkada, and has been selling fruit and veg off the back of his van to local Ithacans since the 80s. He's a bit of a traveling icon in these parts. Often, he gives a free peace of fruit to those he likes, unfortunately it's usually ready to be compost by the time he hands it to you. The van was pretty beaten up over the past decade, so it was quite surprising to locals that it now looks enviable.
Last night Greece played Argentina and thus, all the tvs were on and horns were ready to blow for the anticipated Greece win. It didn't happen unfortunately, so today thoughts of football glory and returned to economic crisis again.
Sorry folks, but today, it looks like rain all day. While Russia is bathing in 29C, here in the Mediterranean, we are putting on jackets and wearing our closed in shoes. It's actually quite cool, around 18C. Guess the 'Rain Makers' have been dancing in the sky again.
Friday 25th - What a week. Rain, storms, wind... Winter weather. Today we have some much deserved sunshine again. Skies are getting bluer by the minute.
Below Left - Afales views from my favorite roadside. Below Right - Homers School Archeological site.
Saturday 26th - Below - Just another day on the bayside. A little work, a little play, a little of whatever is offered on the day. Just love the 'life'.
Above Left - Rien and Gerty take a sneaky break from work to have their pic taken at Rementzo in Frikes. Don't tell Nek.
Last night in Vathy, Israeli artist, Bosmat Niron opened her exhibition 'ecoART' at the Municipal Gallery in Vathy under the Curatorship of Dimitris Danis. Although there was 'nearly' an international incident with Communist party factions believing a rumour that there would be a diplomat from Israel attending the exhibition (to which they would loudly object of course) the rumour was proven to be unfounded (as are most rumours generated on this island) and the exhibition continued to rave reviews and without incident. Bosmat held a workshop for young Ithacans throughout he week at which the children made their own pieces of art from recycled materials for the exhibition. The ecoART opening was the biggest I've seen in quite some time. Very well attended. D. Stanitsas from Vodafone and Okyalos Printers in Vathy were the Sponsors. Vodafone gave a mobile phone to the winner of the 'Best Childrens' Artwork' as selected by the audiences. A group of High School girls performed a special dance for Bosmat Niron, and I must say the choreography was stunnning. The performance made a great end to the opening night. There you can also see other exhibitions presented by Dimitris Danis.
CLICK HERE FOR Bosmat Niron & Haris Louvros
Above - What's been missing from Ithaki is a real Ouzerie, well guess what? It's no longer missing. Sofia and Costa have recently converted the old Municipal Gallery and have opened 'Pinakothiki' Cafe and Ouzerie up for business. Pinakothiki offers fresh mezedes (traditional snacks) and is located next to the KEP office looking onto the waterfront. You can't miss it.
Monday 28th - Tomorrow (Tuesday 29th) another National Strike may take place. This of course means those with travel plans will have them disrupted if the the Strike goes ahead, so check with your agents for alternatives.
Don't forget the first of the Panighiria will take place in Frikes on Saturday the 3rd July. There'll be live music and dancing in the streets. Bring your appetites too, lots of food and drink.
Tuesday 29th - Finally a day that really feels like Summer. It's warm, the sun is shining and a fair amount of persperation marks the 30 or so degrees that had the beaches filled with whoever is here and few people roaming the streets of our villages looking for something to do other than going to the beach.
Let's hope the temps stay mild and the nights warm up a little so that the Frikes Panighiri on the 3rd of July gets a good start. Left - As you can see there is no shortage of the Flotillas coming to the island.
No ferry stoppages with the proposed strike today, the charter flights also left as scheduled. A good thing not only for the visitors who were leaving and catching connecting flights, but also for the government who has pledged to reimburse tourists who are adversely affected by the National Strikes. For a country with no money, it's probably not the wisest move. Cheaper to hire 'Strike breakers'.
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