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Right - Niko, northern Ithakis football team mascot is a little worse for where after he was hit by a vehicle a few days ago. He's in good spirits however and hasn't lost any enthusiasm for football. Below - Frikes Bay
Tuesday 1st - Another winter blue-sky day today. People are out enjoying it while it lasts because by tomorrow night there is more rain forecast. Left - The back of Frikes. Below - Kikis Mini market keeps the northern locals in supplies no matter what time of year.
Left & Below - Above Kioni views. Many paths take you into the hills above Kioni.
Left - The changing face of Frikes. It's not often there is any new building going on, on the Frikes bayside, but this winter the corner block on the road to Platrithia is being filled in.
As usual, February marks the beginning of winter activities as the Easter lead up. Friday 11th at the Stavros Community center, there will be a performance of Karatziozi (Shadow Puppet Show). Karatziozi isn't something only the kids get enjoyment out of in Greece. Shadow puppet shows hold a great sentimental spot in the Greek culture.
Left - Platrithias. Now that the sun is out for a bit, there's more burning off going on around the island.
Thursday 3rd - After last nights rain and drop in temperature, it didn't seem possible that we'd be seeing sunshine today. Above - Vathy Square. Below - Vathy Main Street. Gyro is a popular hang-out for winter locals.
Left - Vathy bay side. The big yacht is reported to belong to Ithakis new Mayor.
Left - At the back of Vathy there are orchards and vineyards, paddocks with sheep and goats and peaceful country views. Below - KEP is Ithakis Citizen information center. Most questions in regard to business and consumer, legal and other requirements can be answered there.
Left - Although we had sunshine on Ithaki, looking across to Cephalonia to the south, there was no doubt of the weather they were having there. By the afternoon, it would also reach Ithaca. Below - Platrithias
Left - Looking north across Ithakis coastline and toward Fiscardo in Cephalonia, blue skies ruled the horizon.
Above - More snowfalls on the Mainland peaks gives us a great view to what we're missing out on, on Ithaki. Although the temperature has dropped, we're not doing too badly in regard to winter. Below - Vathi bay side. This side of the bay is where all the Summer actions is. Here you'll find Mylos Creperie and Soulatso Music Coffee Bar just to name a couple of the bars where music will get your feet tapping.
Above - View to Perahori from Vathy. Perahori is Ithakis Eco friendly community. Any time of the year, summer or winter, its worthwhile hiring a moped or car to drive around the villages. At minimum you'll see some expansive and great views and meet some of the friendly people who make up our little rock in the Ionian.
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Sunday 6th - Just when you think Winter has finally reached our side of Greece, the weather turns on Spring again. Fantastic weather days these past few days with more of the same next week. Monday we're looking at around 20C. Left - Polis Bay view. Below - Stavros village in the north of Ithaki.
Above - Ag. Barbara above Stavros. Below - Afales olive groves.
The Council Meeting this Sunday took place at the Cultural Center in Vathy due to the KAPI not being big enough for the attendances. This Sunday there weren't too many people attending to warrant it, but the venue is comfortable and there were no complaints about that. Significant subjects were being determined about Water and Rubbish Collection. There wasn't too much haggling back and forward. Water supply and Rubbish collection are a couple of the main concerns of most Greek Islands. Basically Council meetings are votes for money allocation and if anything is worthy of having some money injected into it, it's rubbish collection (the old dump at Hani is still burning under the landfill after all these months) and a reliable water supply. Although the winter residents may not suffer under any difficulties, in summer, when the population explodes, our water resources are tested to the limit.
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