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Tuesday 8th - Greece is somewhat upside down with strikes across many of its professions, including government doctors, pharmacies, architects and engineers, public transport, just to name a few. Change is in the air whether it's welcomed or not. There's no turning back now. There is much that can be frustrating about Greece, but weather is not one of them. We had an amazing day yesterday. It was actually so warm in the sun that the coats came off. Blue skies from one end of the horizon to the other. Below - Lefki and Ag. Ioannis views.
Thursday 10th - Another great day yesterday. Heading out just before sunset, gave Ithaki a golden glow between Stavros and Lefki, where the sun sets last.
Friday 11th - Right - At the Stavros Community Center, Karatziozi will start at 6pm. This isn't just for the kids, but for the young at heart too. Below - Exoghi
We're a couple of months away from Spring time, but that hasn't stopped the flowers from blooming all around the island. Even the Almond tree blossoms are out.
Left & Below - Ag. Ioannis area is a favourite for Ithacans and visitors to Ithaca alike. Warm sunshine, great sunsets and coastal and Cephalonia Island views. No matter what time of year, the waters along this coast are pristine and aqua.
Above and Below - While there are mostly beautiful views on Ithaki, some are not so nice, such as the rubbish that is dumped at the side of the road by people who should be more proud of their island than what they show with this unfortunate habit. In Summer when we collect 10 to 20 times more rubbish, this can be a sight that puts off the visitors to the island.
Above - Laertes Farm Fruit and Vegetable Market in Stavros is still undergoing some renovations. Dimitris informed me that they are near finishing soon. New tiles, new coat of pain, new roof and improved interiors.
Left - Sunset over the Cephalonia Strait. It always seems cloudier over there than on Ithaca. We have our own little micro-climate.
Above - The blue waters of Afales Bay in the north of Ithaki.
Saturday 12th - The first overcast day in quite some time today. The temps are still quite mild however. The northern Ithaca school community is organizing a series of parades and parties pre-easter. Next week
there's news of a small parade in Kioni. More news on that as it comes to hand. The primary school children in the north are already deeply into rehearsals for the main Carnival which is on the 7th of March in Vathy. They're determined to take the prize this year. In other news, the old medical center in Stavros is being restored and converted into a gallery space in which photographs of Ithacas' past, along with other memorabilia, will be displayed. It's a great idea. People visiting the north are always looking for something more to do. The museum in Stavros also has a new curator. Vanna (previously from Oasis restaurant in Kioni) will now be enlightening visitors to the archaeological collection in the north of the island. This weekend the vet is back to neuter more cats around the island. Keeping the cat population down is the primary goal for Argos Foundation. Below - View down onto Platrithia from Exoghi.
Right - These Frikes cats don't seem too bothered at all that the snippers are in town. They're taking in the bay views and manicuring and pampering themselves in the warm sunshine.
Monday 14th - The northern Ithaki Primary school kids had a Carnival rehearsal at the Stavros Community Centre yesterday.The kids were really having alot of fun.
Above - Jenny from Spavento Bar in Kioni with Poppy from Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes, members of the northern Ithacan Primary School community. Right - View down onto Frikes Bay where the Lefkada ferry was heading out.
Right - In the woods around Stavros under the Varka area, where pine forests happily share space with olive groves. Below - Bird on a wire.
Tuesday 15th - There is talk that Stavros Primary School will be closing down and its students will be sent to Vathy Primary School. As with every issue there are 2 sides to the story at least. Some parents welcome the change as it may be more convenient for them as parents working in Vathy or that the facilities at the Vathy school are better, others fear that sending young kids off to the main town with an hour trip there and an hour trip back is unnecessary. Better facilities could always be made available in Stavros. With the baby boom over recent years, its not that Stavros Primary School doesn't have enough students to make it viable, but as laws change and money matters more and more, amalgamation is the way the Government is leaning toward.
On Ithaki we eat very seasonally. This time of year it's apple season. This morning the sun was shining brightly and only blue skies, but by midday, the skies turned grey and threaten Right - Road into Stavros with Sotiros church ahead. Sotiros is at the center of the Stavros Festival held annually on 5 & 6th of August.
Left - Kimis Butcher in Stavros is not only a 'Staple' in Stavros, but also an icon for visitors who delight in its traditional and old-age style, but as the new building Below Left
- nears completion, Kimis Butcher will be moving premises when it's done. What it will lack in old style will be made up for with state of the art design and refrigeration.
The skies may be a bit grey, but the temps are great for walking around the island. It feels more like Spring, and at this late stage of the Season, it doesn't look like Winter will actually make a serious appearance.
Above - Vathy Bay. Left and Below - Carnival decorations are already lining the main street in Vathy and the village Square.
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