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July - Friday 8th - More hot weather ahead as we go deeper into July. Above - View across Platrithia and toward Lefkada, where Vasiliki is lit up in the distance. Saturday 9th - Below - Frikes Bayside at night.
Above - Stavros on Friday night was pretty much buzzing with activity. The warmer nights are tempting people into the streets. Today a forecast top of 38 C will have the beaches populated until evening. When it's this hot, the best time to swim is early or late. The midday sun can be quite relentless. Don't forget to check the Events Calendar (See menu or NEW) for Outdoor Cinema dates and of course the festivals on this month. The Exoghi festival is coming up on the 17th.
Sunday 10th - When we're not complaining about the cold, we're complaining about the heat. Another 39C (if not 41C) day today. Hot Hot Hot! No wonder everyone is now heading to the bayside in the evenings to cool down.
Above - The Gypseys are back with their half-strung together tunes awaiting your kind donations. Left - It's that time of the year that we get to see all the familiar and not so familiar faces.
Tuesday 13th - Heatwave!!!!! Boy it's been hot this past week, and going by the weather forecast, it's going to continue for the rest of the week. Left and Below - Cemetery Beach in Kioni has the Cantina open again. Don't expect it to be open for breakfast, but if there are people on the beach then you will find someone behind the Cantina window. By all reports the snacks are great! Kioni visitors missed this beach icon last year. It's good to know it's up and running again, albeit under new management.
Above - Stavros. The road between Stavros and Frikes. The tar begins to melt under the hot sun.
Left - Brunch in Platrithia at Yefuri is quickly becoming a favourite Sunday morning treat.
Left - Frikes locals having a little fun just off the top of Lakis head.
I've been slowly working on Ithaki Villages part 2 video, so that the villages that normally don't see much of the touristic light of day also get an airing online. In part 2 you'll see Perahori, Anoghi, Ag. Ioannis, Lefki, Platrithia, Exoghi, Lahos, Kolieri, Afales and Ag. Sarantas. Hope to have it finished soon. Online now at Ithaki Movie Room (Right Pane on NEW)
Thursday 14th - Yesterday was soooooooooo HOT! How anyone managed to do anything is beyond me. My morning was spent in Vathy (one of the hottest villages on the island) and it wasn't pleasant. Not a breeze to be enjoyed. Even the village Square sweltered under a relentlessly hot sun. Air-Con units were definitely working overtime over this past week. The heatwave continues.
I find it amazing when people sit at a restaurant, take up 6 - 8 seats around the table and drink and eat the food they bought at the supermarket.
Above - Frikes is getting some more paving. New parking and paving? Wow!
Above - A hay truck interupts the waitering traffic across the main street of Frikes.
Above and Below - Many yachts in Vathy harbour. The heat is being turned up on the Season, not only weather-wise, but also in regard to visitor traffic.
Left - Jimmy from Kikis Mini-market in Frikes has a smile for everyone, even during this heatwave when most people can become a little too lethargic to smile. Below Left - This year on Ithaca, the 'Corn Cob' street vendors are everywhere.
Left - Aetos Beach is looking very inviting. It's always a battle for the only tree with shade on the beach, but the water there always looks so pristine and perfect, it's no wonder people love this beach.
Tonight in Kioni, on the rooftop of Spavento Cafe Bar, there is a viewing of Easy Rider. It should be alot of fun for those old movie buffs who are young enough to remember just how hip this movie was in its time.
Sunday night, is of course, the Panighiri in Exoghi. The Feast of Ag. Marina is always a good night. Rumour has it that the band may change this year, and that the same band that played in Frikes a couple of weeks ago, may also be doing the honours in Exoghi this year.
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