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It must be Summer. Lucky from Polis beach is back on the island. Soon Polis Beach will be up and running for all the regular beach goers.
May It's warming up. 28 degrees C for the next few days, a veritable heatwave.
Above - Germanos is very busy these days now that ADSL has come to the north of the island. Helping many get connected. If you're in Kioni, don't despair, it's definitely working there too. Flying in fact.
Above and Left - Vathy town. Below - Frikes as the Day Tripper visitors look for nourishment. Below Left - Kioni Bayside before the Day Tripping storm.
Left - Spavento Cafe Bar in Kioni now has ADSL. You can get online inside the bar or bring your laptop with wireless and sit outside to surf and email.
Friday 27th - The started very well yesterday with blue skies and beach-warming sunshine, but by the afternoon, storm clouds rolled in and the rain began to fall. Today, the forecast also says rain, but you just never know.
Below and Below Left - Perahori in the south of Ithaki has some of the most amazing views across the south island. It's worth taking a walk, drive or ride up the mountain road to see Vathy bayside and beyond. If you get parched, then you can always make a stop at the local Cafe with a view to die for.
Sunday 29th - Very warm day yesterday, reports are that Polis Beach is warm enough for swimming. No more chills. Below and Left - Frikes Bayside.
Left and Below - Kioni Bayside. Looking particularly postcard perfect yesterday.
Above - Avra Restaurant in Kioni is already very busy at this time of year. Below - Vathy has some wonderful traditional little corners with stone paths that lead through the hills of Ithaki Capital.
Tuesday 31st - Another great weather day yesterday. Nights too, are getting milder. Mild enough to sit outside comfortably.
Above & Left - Vathy bayside. Sometimes busy, sometimes not.
When the yachts are in, the baysides are busy. When they're not, then there's not too much going on.
For those of us on ithaca its no secret that the weather has been quite odd this month. The other day thunder roared in the distance with an almost blue sky. Drops of rain fall without any threat of rain. Weird stuff.
As we go deeper into the summer period, the madness begins to rear its head again. We lovingly call them 'the wars'. As businesses of all kinds try to corner their particular market, competition is rife. Not usually pretty, but mostly funny.

June on Ithaca greece here we come!

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