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Above - View to Mainland at sunset. Right - View to Lefkada at sunset. Although I've taken these shots a few times this past week, I just can't go by the colours of sunset lately. I'm not usually a 'pink' person unless the 'pink' is in the sky.
January Saturday 14th - It's a grey and rainy day today. Yesterdays clouds didn't predict it, but at this time of the year, stormy fronts pass over without much notice sometimes. Left - View to Atakos from Frikes Pier. Below - Golden skies at sunset yesterday. Below Left - Frikes fishing boats.
Sunday 15th - Yesterday it rained pretty much most of the day, but today, the skies are completely clear again. The sun is shining. Below - A Wattle tree is more at home in Australia than in Greece, but Lefki doesn't seem to know that.
Left - Yesterdays skies toward Lefkada. Below Left - Yesterday's skies toward the Mainland.
Above - With petrol costs on the island, driving around is pretty much a luxury. 1.825 euro per litre. Luckily, the island is small.
Monday 16th - A chilly 8 degrees C today, but the sun was shining most of the time. Left - View to Kefalonia from Lefki town square. In Summer, the big pine trees make for great shade from the hot sun, and in winter, they are like windows to the blue Ionian.
Left - Maki from Perahori. Above - Nikos from o Nikos Taverna in Vathy. Below - Ithaki Winter fashion.
Left & Below - It's easy to forget that even from the town, there are some lovely walks. Vathy to Loutsa is one of them. Very peaceful views of Vathy bay and surrounds through tall Gum & Pine trees.
Above - Yianni from Yiannis Taverna in Stavros, doing business in Vathy, as one does on a Monday morning. Below - The drains are still open in Vathy, filled with water from the rain, and not alot of work being done on them since the last time I photographed them.
Thursday 19th - We couldn't ask for better weather over this past week. Just perfect. Below Left and Below - Views from around the village of Exoghi. From this mountain village we can see across Afales bay toward Lefakada and Maramaka, also down onto Platrithia and across to Stavros and Pilakata.
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