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February here we come!
January Saturday 21st - A rainy day today, but still quite pleasant. Not too cold and not stormy, just patches of rain regularly throughout the day. Left - Platrithia. Below Left - Atakos and Mainland views through grey sky from Frikes. Below - Lefki sunset.
Above - View from the road between Stavros and Anoghi. The views from this road are expansive.
Sunday 22nd - A very grey day yesterday. A little drizzly, but mostly just dreary. With over 10 years of taking photos of Ithaca, it's getting a little difficult to find a new or interesting perspective, so much depends on the light, so while there isn't any (photographically speaking), let's go black and White.
Left, Above and Below - In and around Vathy, Ithakis Capital. The wind was whipping up the bay a little, but not real heaving yesterday.
Left - Surf was up at Aetos Bay. The usually aqua blue sea was turned grey by the sky.
Monday 23rd - Since the birth of the Spavento twins 7 years ago, Sundays at Spavento have turned into a little 'coffee with the kids' morning during the winters on Ithaca. The morning isn't just about mums and kids, but locals who are looking for a little Sunday morning entertainment, other than a newspaper. Below - George Karantzis, co-owner of Spavento Bar in Kioni.
Left - Jenny Vlassopoulos, co-owner of Spavento in Kioni entertains her customers, although on Sundays, it's probably the other way around. Below - Poppy from Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes shares coffee time with Ingrid, one of Ithaki's yoga instructors.
With building going on right on the bayside of Kioni, this village isn't quite as sleepy as it usually is at this time of year... or as quiet.
Above - Dancing in the streets. Above Left - Mavrona Bay looking north toward the Mainland with all the little islands inbetween. Below Left - Polis Bay.
Above - Platrithia. A falcon (I presume it was a falcon. It was pretty big!) flies overhead. Left - The Kefalonia Strait between Ithaki and Cephalonia. The sunshine peaking through the cloudy sky cast some ghostly shadows onto the sea. Below Left - For a few minutes, the sun did show itself just outside of Stavros in the north of Ithaca.
Tuesday 24th - A very grey and damp day yesterday. Low lying cloud hovered below all the mountain tops and around the mountain villages. Below - There was a little life in Vathy yesterday morning.
Above - The doors to Sotiros church in Stavros. Left - Rossano and Exoghi were covered in cloud most of the day yesterday.
Wednesday 25th - Some very bad weather heading our way over the next couple of days. Storms and high winds will dominate the days and nights with temperatures forecast to drop quite dramatically, and the colder temps to remain into February.

Tuesday 31st - The end of month no.1 for 2012 and now the weather is getting really cold. The skies are still blue today, but tomorrow that is forecast to change too. Below freezing temps and rain predicted for this area. Left - The bay has washed up onto the streets in Frikes over the past couple of months. The village is almost unrecognizable if you have only ever seen it during the summer.

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