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Thursday 19th - Kioni Panighiri tomorrow night. Last year's festival in this bayside village was a huge success, there is no reason it shouldn't be so this year either.
Saturday, July 21 at Romantsa, you have the opportunity to relive the romance of an era in a nostalgic night of music and fun at Romantsa. The major aim of the event is to collect money required for the construction of MAKETAS, the palace of Odysseus, which will be constructed in Stavros. In 1935 Arthur Sikiotis returned from Australia to establish ROMANTSA, the first outdoor night club in the Ionian Sea, just 800 meters away from Odysseus' Palace. It quickly became the romantic, Sunday night meeting place, not only for future couples from Ithaki, but also from Kefallonia and Lefkada. Having survived WWII and the Italian-German occupation, the ROMANTSA passion was woven into the fabric of the local musical scene until the early 70's. Come and feel the music which fired the love of your parents & grandparents. Ring Dina to book your table. 20 euro per person Tel: +30 26740 31119

July Saturday 14th - The beaches are full, or at least most of the people on Ithaca, get to the beach for as long as they can to escape the heat. It's humid and almost Singaporean at night. Warm breezes on sticky skin. Cold beer and a sweaty brow just about sums it up.
Left and Below - A day at Polis Beach beneath Stavros, where Lucky has his umbrellas and sun lounges and Lazaros has his cantina, Detsima has his boats for hire and the local boys meet the traveling girls.

Above - Maria, who usually accompanies her husband, Lucky to work the beach for summer, is only here for a couple of weeks this year. Best get in a little honeymoon after the wedding.
Left - This year, Con is here with his wife Dimity. They have had a great world trip to celebrate Dimity's 50th birthday, their independence from their children, and their 25 year wedding anniversary. It's no wonder con looks so relaxed, sitting under the fig tree, where the world of stress disappears.
Below - Lucky!
Above - Cute! Maria just can't keep her lips to herself after being separated from her newly wed husband over the past weeks.
Beautiful boats and beautiful girls. A winning summer combination.
Above - Taki is Lucky's trusted helper with the umbrellas and sun lounges. He likes a little joke and is an all around fun guy. Taki also knows the location of the secret fridge, but if you bend his arm, he still won't tell.
Sunday 15th - Only a couple of days to go until the Exoghi Panighiri, which many consider to be their favourite. The Panighiri is run by volunteers who give their time freely to make some money for their community. In winter, only a hand full of people live in this mountain village, but in Summer it bulges to quite a decent amount. All eyes are on the weather now. If it's too windy or too cold, it can make a difference as to how long people will stay and drink and eat.
Below - Jerome is one of the Exoghi Panighiri volunteers. This year you can find him serving you drinks from behind the bar, but his talent lies in the BBQ. He makes a great hamburger and has a special sauce to spice up the souvlaki too.
Above Left - View from Exoghi down onto Frikes Bay. Left - Friends get together in Exoghi for a pre-panighiri celebration and bbq.

Monday 16th - Although many are still saying it's quiet for this time of year, there is definitely an increase in the Ithaki population. Lots more cars, lots more noise and the night clubs too, are pumping a little more than usual.
Below - The food is just one of the attractions on ithaca during the Summer.

Tuesday 17th - Tonight is the Exoghi Panighiri. Organizers worked most of yesterday getting it all done, ready for tonight. I'm sure it will be a big success despite fears that it may be a bit windy.
Left and Below - Mavrona/Raxi area. It's been so relentlessly hot over the past few weeks, that yesterdays windy conditions were a great relief for most of us.
Above and Left - Krouvoulia 2 beach just outside of the bay village of Frikes.

Above - Gypsies on the far side of the bay in Frikes.
Left - Friends stop for a drink in Frikes after a day at one of the Krouvoulia beaches.

The winds started in the early hours of Monday morning and continued through the day. Later in the afternoon, clouds began to gather, some quite threatening, and it was believed that maybe we'd get some summer rain. It was not to be. The clouds cleared.

Left - Marianne Raftopoulos, the graphic designer behind the 'I Am Ithacan' T-shirt together with fashion designer sister, Melina Raft.
Yes, Bon Jovi was in Kioni yesterday. Local girl and waitress at the Mills restaurant, Erifili, was lucky enough to serve him. Photo on FB.
Wednesday 18th - One hot day after another, whoever thought there was a cool change ahead, was definitely mistaken. The concrete is steaming. Although Ithaca has some of the most pristine, pebbled beaches in Greece, there are those who find it more convenient either for health reasons, fear, infirmity or just easier with the kids, to go to a swimming pool. Luckily for those who want just that, and don't own their own house with a pool, that Asterida Villas in Stavros have opened their pool bar to the public. Refreshments and snacks on hand and of course a view over Polis Bay and beyond to kefalonia.
Left & Below - Asterida Villa Pool Bar, Stavros.
In the north of the island, Asterida isn't the only establishment with a pool and bar open to the public. The Nostos Hotel in Frikes has a large pool and pool bar which they have also had open to the public for many years now.

Exoghi Panighiri
Ag. Marina Festival
Exoghi Ithaca Greece
Tuesday 17th July 2012

The Ag. Marina Festival wasn't as busy as other years, but it was alot of fun, especially for all the Australian/Greeks who have come this year, giving Ithaki an injection of funds and a palatable air of nostalgia. It may have been disappointing for the organizers that more money wasn't raised for this most picturesque mountain village and that more local Ithacans didn't attend, but as is expected, the Exoghi Panighiri is still one of the favourites, despite the effects of the crisis.
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