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Rien Post
Greece is back at the Polls on the 17th June and I know with all the media about the crisis and what will happen to Greece, people are becoming concerned about their holidays here, but on Ithaca, there is really no need to worry at all. We have one of the safest environments in the world and if it wasn't for television and newspapers, you'd never even know there was a crisis. Of course there are changes that are happening to the population, but they really don't effect how visitors experience Ithaca. If you've always loved Greece because of the sunshine, culture and lifestyle, then you will not be disappointed. All those things haven't changed, especially not here on Ithaca.
On the 26th May, it's Papoulaki time again, when the progession comes from Ag. Barabara church down to Sotiros church in Stavros. It's a wonderful tradition that captures the heart of northern Ithaca.

As some of you know, my daughter Jessica is a published author and poet. She has a new poetry book available, Fabric. It's available for purchase and download below.

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Don't forget that Jessica Bell and Chuck Sambuchino (Readers Digest) are also here in August for the Homeric Writers Retreat. The retreat has opened up casual applications for those who will already be on the island. You can take part for a day or a critique without committment for the entire Retreat. Check out Jessica's website for more details.
It appears that some people are stil under the impression that ithacagreece on Facebook is only accessible to those with Facebook Accounts. That's not so. Even if you're not with Facebook, you can still access ithacagreece on FB, all the photos are larger than what I can do here.

May Tuesday 15th - After weeks of warmer than usual days for May, yesterday it all changed with rainy patches throughout the day and at night, the usual thunder storms. It's not cold, but it is wet. Left - A rained out Frikes last night

Above - Rain on the car window. Left - The streets were quiet in Stavros last night too as people headed inside while it rained.
Click on image above to enlarge. You can find more postcards at e-Thiaki Virtual Postcards.
Tuesday 16th - Today, clouds occasionally threatened something other than a fine day, but generally it was sunny and mild across Ithaca. A little chillier than previous days, but temps will soon be going up again.
Tomorrow night in Stavros Community Hall, high school students will be putting on a performance of Basil Anastasiadis' The Insatiable Three'. Doors open 8.30pm entrance fee of 5 euro.
Left - Rien Post has kindly offered up a few of his photographs for e-Thiaki Postcards. His signature is of course, the feather bottom right. Click on Photo left or visit e-Thiaki website Right.
Thursday 17th - The skies are very dark again today. it looks like rain. Not good for us, the yachts in the harbor or the visitors with only a week on the island. It's a little unusual for the weather to be this up and down on Ithaca, but then, weather is up and down everywhere now that spraying the skies and leaving chemtrails is almost a daily occurance. Let's hope for a little sunshine later in the day at least.
Left - Penelope Restaurant in Frikes. There are some very good reports coming out of this place in regard to the food. A new management and a new cuisine.

Above - Kentro Cafe Bar in Stavros. Above Left - Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes. Although it was a bit chilly last night, people still preferred to sit outside nearer the bay than go inside...until it got too chilly at least. Left - The corner shop in Ag. Sarantas had become the new local hang-out over the winter with Niko Douglas pouring the drinks, but now that the Season is starting, everyone back to their decks for the upcoming enslaught of summer working hours. You can find Niko back Frikes doing his thing at The Gods.

Friday 18th - What a miserable day yesterday. Wind and rain for most of the day with only occasional patches of sunshine and clearing sky. We were thrown back into winter without any warning. Visitors were scrambling to keep dry while trying hard to not let the rain get them down. I avoided getting wet all winter, even though we had record rainfalls, but yesterday I was drenched at least 3 times. Just when you thought it was clearing, another cloud opened up and poured down on us. Left - The early morning scene looking from Lefki toward Kefalonia yesterday.
Above - A lone yacht ventures back out to the Ionian during the wind and rain when most yachts decided to stay put during the awful weather.
While in the south it rained, in the north, the sun was shining... until it rained. Left - View to Afales from Exoghi.
Above - view to Pinerakia from Exoghi. Left - Frikes Bay. A temporary return to wintery conditions makes for interesting skies over ithaki. Last night, some of Ithaca's High Schoolers put on a play at the community center which I attended. Keep tuned for pics coming soon.
The Insatiable Three

Last night Vathy High School students performed Basil Anastasiadis' 'The Insatiable Three' at the Stavros Community Hall.

It was a fun night with lots of tongue in cheek humour about the female condition. The students put their hearts into their performances and quickly infected the audience.

For more photographs CLICK HERE or on photograph Left.

Sunday 20th - Last couple of days have been sunny again. A relief, not just for us who have thrown off the woollies and packed them away, but also for the visitors to the island who didn't come to watch the rain. Today, it's very still and the sky is getting bluer the closer we get to midday. As usual, a breeze or slight wind will pick up in the afternoon, but it shouldn't be anything to worry about. In mid summer, everyone waits for that breeze to cool down the day a little. Below - Gypsies are back to sell truck to door, setting up in the village squares to do business. Looks like it's thirsty work.
Jessica Bell Poetry book 'Fabric'
21 May 1864 the Eptanisa Islands linked with Greece Anniversary
Congratulations to all the Eleni's and Konstantinos' celebrating their Name Day today.
Church bells started ringing very early this morning across the island with the anniversary of the Seven Islands (Eptanisa) joining with Greece back in 1864. It's also one of the major Name Days. Many celebrations will be going on around Greece today as these 2 popular names and all their derivatives are celebrated.
Above Left - Afales view from below Taxiarchis church in Platrithia. Left - A snapshot opportunity for the boys.
Left - it was a quiet Sunday afternoon around the northern villages. I did expect to see quite alot more people around with this long weekend, but really, it was no different to any other day. While people are commenting on how chilly it is for May, I was encouraged to remember that it was actually always a little chilly back in the early 80's when I first came to Ithaca. The nights were damp and cold right up to mid July, especially in Frikes. Over the past 2 decades, the temps have definitely gone up.
Above - Frikes mountain side looking quite lush after a wet winter. If there was a path from the bay up to those olive trees, it would make a great location to sit and contemplate the state of the world.
As you could guess, most conversations currently involve the political state of Greece, but it seems, gone are the loud passionate disagreements pre-election. Could it be that people are merging beliefs and minds and thus have no need to stir the political pot with jargon and propaganda?
Despite the political upheaval in the cities, here on Ithaca it's holiday time as usual. I have seen nothing but smiles on the visitors faces here.
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