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May Monday 28th - Yesterday, the day started warm and with summer hope, but just after midday, the skies turned very black and without much warning, opened up and really bucketed down for about 10 minutes. By the time you said or thought, it looks like rain, it was too late. You were drenched through. At this stage some pity for the poor visitors who were walking around in there 'almost summer' gear, must be felt. It is indeed very strange weather for this late in May.

The sudden rain didn't last long. Before too long, the skies cleared and made way for a little more sunshine before nightfall. Left - Frikes.
Above and Left - Exoghi. When the weather turns bad it's a good bet that the northern mountain village of Exoghi disappears into the low hanging sky.
  For those interested in the Corfu Sailing Club you can see the schedule below:

Saturday, the 4th / 8 and Sunday, the 5th / 8:
12.00-18.00 hours counting and inspection.

Sunday 5/8   : Cup Alcinous : 13.00 hours 

Regression route to Corfu (optional race track reflux Garitsa Bay, which is not counted in the total mark of Ionian Rally, but is a separate event.).

20.00 Time: Skippers

21.00 pm: Welcome Reception and Prize Cup athletes Alcinous.

Monday 6/8: 1st race Corfu-Lefkas  

11.00 Time: Start at the port of Lefkimi-ending North entrance channel Lefkada.

Tuesday, the 7th / 8:  21.00 pm:   Award 1st race in Lefkada

Wednesday 8/8 : 2nd Race : Lefkada-Kefalonia

10.30 am  : Start of Northwest North entrance to the bus stop west of Lefkada and the Lighthouse Argostoli .

Thursday 9/8: 21.00 pm: Award 2nd race in Kefalonia

Friday 10/8: 3rd race: Kefalonia-Zakynthos

Time 11.00 Starting west of the lighthouse end of Argostoli & Northeast Cape Kryoneri.

Saturday 11/8:  21.00 hours: Award 3rd race in Zakynthos

????a?? 12/8 : 4th race: Zakynthos, Ithaca

Time 11.00 Starting North of the port of Zakynthos Atokos-left and ending east of Cape St. Elias Ithaca

Monday 13/8:  8:30 p.m. hours : Awarded 4th overall scoring race and Ionian Rally.

Tuesday 29th - A much better weather day yesterday. There were some chilly periods, but no rain and alot of sunny relief. Above Left - Maki from Margarita Cafe in Stavros always has a smile for me and you. He's a northern Ithacan tradition. What would Stavros do without Maki and Maria from the Zac? We don't want to know. Left - Lefteris and Daniella are here from Italy. With the name Lefteris and an italian accent, I was a little confused at first, but it was soon explained that Lefteri has his roots on ithaca, but has lived away from the island for many, many years. He's no stranger to the ins and outs of Ithaki and no stranger to I believe he's been an avid supporter since the first year I started the website back in 2003. I just love meeting all the interesting people this website brings me to. Can't wait to meet more of you as we head into Summer.
Mid afternoon, Ithaca is at its most quiet as locals retreat into siesta for a couple of hours. As you can see, the skies are almost completely blue. Today another fine day is expected with a top of 23C. Bring on the higher 20's. We're all ready and waiting. Left - Stavros Main Street.
Above - Ag. Sarantas. I've been living here for 11 years nearly and you would think that I would be accustomed to the island by now, but each time I walk through this very traditional village, I pull out my camera and start taking photos as if it's the first time. Ag. Sarantas has that Ithaki X factor. Very appealing and traditional. Makes you feel like you are walking through the past. Left - Kiki's Mini Market is a mainstay both winter and summer. It's at the hub of Frikes for locals and visitors, yachties and walkers. Kiki is a Frikes icon. She's been in the village in one form or another for decades and still has the enthusiasm of a newbie. This year, as last year, her son Jimmy (love this boy) will be helping out again. He'll be on ithaca soon by all reports. Below Left - View to the 2nd Krouvoulia beach. It'is quiet now, but give it a couple of weeks and there'll be lots of splashing going on around this coastline. It's one of the favourite northern beaches and is loved for its crystal clear aqua waters.
Wednesday 30th - The day started a bit chilly, but it fined up very nicely yesterday. The proof was in the colorful baysides around the island with all the yachts coming in to anchor. The potential for a very busy night as long as the yachters get off their yachts to have a look around, buy a drink or a meal and see what Ithaki has on offer. It looked very cosmopolitan as the day began to set.
Above - Odysseas overlooks the incoming vessels into Vathy Bay. Above Left - Lenka and family have been supporters over many years. I had the pleasure of meeting them for the first time in the back street of Vathy and getting the opportunity to photograph them. Below - Ithaca has many talented artists, whether they be jewellers, painters, art and craft with the Ithaki feel or anything inbetween. Dia Xeiros is tucked away opposite the Port Authority building and offers some beautiful and unique art and craft and jewellery. Hand Made.
Left & Below - Kirki. This accessorie and lingerie store is not exactly new as the owner, Eftixia has been supplying the island with undergarments, stockings and such, for some years, but the location and building are new. Kirki is now flaunting a spacious store with a flare it could not support in the very much smaller shop of the past. It's a bright addition to the streets of Vathy and not only our shopping experience, but also that of our visitors'. You can find Kirki directly behind the Post Office in Vathy. If you don't speak Greek, then don't worry. English is as available as a good push up bra.
As the sun began to set, a deep golden glow befell Vathy.
Left - Mylos side of Vathy Bay basks in golden sunlight as late afternoon is only minutes from turning into dusk.
Left - Karamela Cafe Bar is a convenient place to refresh oneself. It's just a few steps from one of the yachts docking areas.
Above - The sun goes down behind Kefalonia, but Frikes and Vathy (Left) still get the colours of sunset. I don't want to speak too soon, but it did really feel like Summer late yesterday afternoon with the rich golden colours and so many people in the streets. May weather has been more than a little unusual. Let's hope for good weather at least, even if the rest seems out of reach.
Thursday 31st - It's the last day of May and the weather bureau tells us the temps will steadily go up over the coming week. As you can tell, more and more people coming to the island each day, livening things up.
This page is pretty long as it is, but is going to get even longer as there's no point starting a new page for one more day in May. If you don't see all the photos below, do a reload or refresh. It usually helps when I've surpassed the reasonable length of a page. Left - Yachts too close to the beaches yesterday. There is a law, but they're not abiding by it. Not just us that presumably ignore regulations ;)
Everyone's getting in the mood now. Above and Below - The Rementzo girls are quickly taking over the village with their daily enthusiasm for having fun.
Above Left - Maki our resident accordian player and singer, the cult of Ithaki, comes down from the main northern village of Stavros occasionally, to see how the Frikonians live.
Above - It's become a bit of an annual ritual to take a photo of Pam and Doug. They have been holidaying on Ithaca for many years and crisis or not, nothing has kept them away this year either. They're favorite place to stay is in Kioni. Left - Portothiaki Hotel and Yiannis Taverna are mainstays in Stavros.
Now... on to June
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