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September Friday 28th - Only a couple more days of September, but oh what days. The weather has been amazing. Not too hot, not too cold. Perfect summer weather if only we could have it all the time.
Left - Some very large artichokes growing in Ag. Sarantas in the north of Ithaca. Ag. Sarantas has managed to keep it's very traditional charm despite wifi and the lure of the tourism dollar (euro).

Saturday 29th - You'd expect weekends to be the busiest time around the island, but it's actually not. Weekends are quiet, giving us the notion that summer is over, but come Monday to Thursday, it's all happening again. Flotillas bring in many people, keeping the baysides active even as we head into October.
This little note is for you on the island or close to it. There are tickets going for as low as 12 euro from Argostoli in Kefalonia to Pisa or Milano in Italy with Ryanair. That's cheaper than driving the car from Kioni to Vathy and definitely cheaper than going to Patras or Athens. Pack that bag and make the most of the opportunity folks :)

It was so quiet in Frikes last night that staff from restaurants and Jimmy (Below Left) from the mini market, were taking it way easy for a Friday night.
Above - Tilli "Look mum, no hands. I'm making coffee with mind"
Sunday 30th - The weather continues to be more perfect than what's expected in Summer. Everyone on the island is dropping everything (well almost) and heading to the beaches. A very warm 31 C yesterday was hot enough to sweat, glow or shimmer. Calm and crystal clear waters around our little rock, made it all the more inviting.
Above - We can't ignore Odysseas. He is really the bread and butter of Ithaki. He gives us the mythological edge over other more populated and (Aegean picture postcard) islands. He bread the 'idea' of Ithaca that we now hold on tightly to.
As you can see there are still visitors on the island, visitors who seem to enjoy the very simple things like a beer and meze... oh and iphones :)

Left - The Stavros corner which gets a little overlooked at times. Ithaki Restaurant and Sunset Cafe. It's actually a fantastic place to eat or go for a drink. Beautiful views down to Polis Bay are just an extra bonus.

On to October...
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