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July on Ithaca

Summer holidays on Ithaca Greece

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July 2017

Tuesday 25th - Already into another month. Time really is flying by. Soon the Ithaki summer will be upon us and we'll welcome back old friends and make new ones.

Nearly at the end of another month, and it's been a hot one. Of course we expect it to be hot, it IS summer afterall, but it feels a little hotter this year. The sea is warming up under the sun too.

Wednesday 26th - The glorious weather continues. Fisherman bringing in their catch in Vathy. Buying fish straight from the boat. How perfect!

Above - Yachts are crammed along Vathy Bayside. The sound and look of summer.

Above - The old corner store in Ag. Sarantas. It's a shame it is no longer. The store was a meeting place as well as a place for locals to get their regular supplies.

Thursday 27th - I spent the morning catching up with Taki, the beach manager at Polis Beach and while I was there, took a few pics and decided to film a little documentary on him and some of the people who religiously go down to Polis Beach each day.

Above - Taki, Polis Beach Manager.

Polis Bay has become a mecca for owner yachters, daytrippers coming over from Fiscardo and of course all the regulars who laze on the local area of Polis and those who opt for umbrellas and sunbeds, managed by Taki and his apprentice.

Above - Taki (far right) keeps a watchful eye over the beach and it's beach goers.

Above - Peter Fatouros (yes if the name sounds familiar, Peter is cousin to Peter Fatouros who was, up until a couple of years ago, running Fiorendino Bar with his brother Dini. Peter is here with his family. He hasn't been to Ithaca since 2004.

Friday 28th - Below - Yesterday I with Gash Productions, had the chance to make a little documentary on Taki the Polis Beach Manager which some regular Polis beach goers taking part. It was alot of fun. Click here on video below.


Saturday 29th - To the scumbag who stole Taki's Tsipouro from the fridge at Polis Bay after seeing this video, I will personally oust you when I find out who you are!!!!

Meanwhile Ithaca continues to increase in numbers for the summer.


July 2017

Summer fun on Ithaca Greece

Tuesday 25th



When you love the food so much you want the t-shirt, you better be prepared to wash the dishes.


Wednesday 26th - Friday 4th August at the old school in Lefki, a musical night with Maki Kouvaras awaits. Starts at 8.30pm


Thursday 27th - A Day at Polis Beach.

Above - Taki has been beach manager at Polis beach since Lucky abdicated a few years ago (I think 3). Taki has charmed a who new generation of beach goers to his flirty ways, but his charm doesn't end there. He also helps whoever needs a hand, especially some of the elderly or infirm.. Taki is loved by men (it may be that he has a secret fridge that men are attracted to) and women alike, young and old. Now that's saying something! He's funny, he's charming, he's working hard to make Polis beach a enviable place to be.




Keep your eyes out for a mini documentary on Polis Beach with Taki, beach manager, cast in the leading role! I would like to thank all the very generous contributors to the documentary,who open a window to Taki and why he is so popular.


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