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July on Ithaca

Summer holidays on Ithaca Greece

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July 2017

Sunday 9th - First week in July over and done as we head for more mid to high 30's temperatures.

Monday 10th - Below - Raxi, outside of Kioni.

Above - This isn't Ithaca, but Patras. The port town missed by Ithacans. Will Ionian take up the route again? We've heard nothing.

Wednesday 12th - Below - There's a new restaurant in Kioni town, Lizzy's. Located at the pier side of Kioni Bay, once the location of Hamilton House.

Thursday 13th - Summer on Ithaca is all about the water! ...and the sun and the food and the drink and the company and the way you feel when you've left all your stresses behind.

Friday 14th - The heatwave continues. We may get a cooler breeze blowing over us for the weekend, but it's summer and in summer we must expect heat. Luckily we are surrounded by water.

Above - So why do I have a photograph of a bathroom? Well, that's simple. I first came to Ithaca in the days where a public toilet was trecherous territory, usually requiring a little boat and a personal supply of toilet paper. Toilets were almost always just a necessary afterthought in restaurants if there were any at all. Well, times have changed. Now Ithaca is getting more and more designer bathrooms for locals and visitors alike and I for one, am VERY happy!

Thursday 22nd - Tonight is the big Kioni Panighiri. It's going to be fun!


July 2017

Summer on Ithaca Greece

Sunday 9th



Do't forget Exoghi Panighiri, Ag. Marina is only 8 days away.

Monday 10th - The hot weather continues.

Wednesday 12th - More very hot weather coming up.

Friday 14th - On Ithaca especially, but I imagine also on Kefalonia, we're all quite a bit disappointed that we don't have a ferry route to Patras. It is where many here need to go for continued or specialized medical treatment, and it is really the nearest capital city. Shame on Ionian Ferries for it's lack of philanthropy toward a disadvantaged island. I'm sure the company could carry the cost for at least a month. Getting people to Ithaca with ony the Ionian Pelagos is turning out to be a challenge for everyone.


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