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Ithaca Greece ..
For the Karantzis and Vlassopoulos families, a late start and a flat tyre meant a late lunch, but it didn't matter. There was so much fun being had and so many people passing by for a chat, drink and meze, that time passed quickly and easily until the lamb was ready to be released from its firey Spit.
The boys bonded over the Spit Roast while the women prepared in the kitchen. There were so many people at this Kioni home this Easter that eating came in shifts and was taken wherever there was a spot to sit. Happily that was quite nice with the beautiful views to the bay or mountains or behind us to the small Raxi church. So many of the local families, including this family from time to time, take in visitors over Easter, it's no wonder so many new and unknown faces can gather over an Easter Lunch. Making it very interesting. It's also no wonder that Ithacans are becoming very well known for their welcoming friendliness, not only in Summer, but all year around. It's tradition that before you have your family Easter, you first visit with neighbours and friends, eat a little meze of kokoretsi (intestines etc) and drink some local family wine. By the time lunch is served, it's not uncommon to have some very happily tipsy people around the table who inevitably collapse thereafter for a well needed and usually deserved nap.
It's Hot and sweaty work slaving over a Spit roast lamb from early morning on Easter Sunday.