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Yesterday, the day didn't look too bright. It wasn't that cold, but it did look pretty dreary for Spring. See below. A little drizzle in the afternoon almost confirmed the failure of the day when suddenly, Spring sunshine blanketed the island in a golden glow.
Thursday 1st - From one day to the next, restaurants and cafes that have been closed all winter, opened their doors again for the first time this Season ready for the Easter onslaught, well dribble really. A great day, mild and warm for all those looking forward to sitting on the baysides while they eat, drink and socialize.
Poppy from Rementzo, celebrates her birthday with the re-opening of Rementzo. After a family filled winter, it's back to walking the boards. Happy Birthday Poppy!
Right - Mr. Fiorendino, half of the Fiorendino double is back on Ithaca after a winter in Sydney Australia. Peter got right into the swing of things back at the bar which caters for the younger Ithacans.
Above - Fiorendino Bar in Frikes buzzing for this long Easter weekend. Young northern locals, who either go to school or work on the mainland, take the opportunity to catch up with friends. Right - Meropi from Symposium Restaurant in Frikes had a relaxed and lazy winter, doing all the right things to get ready for another busy Season ahead.
With the big Easter week this week, church bells are ringing every day with services for the locals to celebrate this big calendar event of Greece. Easter outranks every other religious celebration in Greece, yes, even Christmas. On Sunday, the Lent-long fast ends with meat on the Spit Roast. Locals are buying up big because on that day, more meat will be consumed than an entire year of Sundays. Salivation has already begun.
Friday 2nd - The bells are ringing all over the island for Good Friday. Greeks are passionate about their Easter and as one of the biggest celebrations, if the not THE biggest celebrations of the Greek Calendar, this weekend will be packed full of religious ceremony, an excess of food and a good measure wine.
The cats around the island are excited too. With more people on Ithaca and restaurants re-opening, they get the feed they are accustomed to during the summer months.
What better way to start off the season than with a little fun. Nektarios from Rementzo, famous for many things, decided that he would commission a contract to be made up that would determine his good-behavior in this year of our god 2010. There'll be sure to be a copy of it framed and hanging proudly if Rien Post, Rementzos grill man, has anything to do with it.
Left - Before we get too carried away with the sunshine, let's remember that it still gets pretty cool at night, especially if your transport is a moped. Ester van Zuylen, Ithakis walking guide, is well prepared for everything. Soon she'll have her walking shoes on again, taking visitors along Ithakis scenic trails.
Saturday 3rd - Although the past couple of days have been a little cooler due to a chill in the wind, there were still lots of people out and about to enjoy the sunshine.
Easter 2010 - Good Friday in Kioni ithaca greece
Click Here or on photograph Right for more on Easter - Good Friday
Captain Aristides ferry coming daily into Frikes from Lefkada. Today there were also bus tours into Stavros, Vathy and Kioni with a Day Tripper heading to Vathy also. Yes, things are definitely hotting up here on Ithaki.
Tonight for The Resurrection celebration, there will be church services all across the island. In the north, Papas Babis from Kioni, will not only being holding the liturgy in that village, but will be working one village at a time through the north, ending with Kioni.
It was another very well attended Good Friday in Kioni this year. Seems to just get bigger and bigger. Poor Judas however, who rivals Jesus in the resurrection stakes, was back again this year, only to be torched and burnt. He's persistent. Got to give him that.
Lots of people everywhere on this Saturday. The island has transformed from a sleepy little place into a buzzing metropolis, even in the villages.
Above - Just before you reach Raxi and Kioni with Mavrona below, the views through the cypress are always stunning when you catch a peak.
Below - Kioni has well and truly woken up from the winter. This close-knit community are open and ready for business...and fun. Now that the weather is conducive to being outdoors, Kioni is well positioned for the stunning beauty all around. The best place to be is on or around the bayside taking in the tradition that is Kioni. Good news also is that Avra Restaurant have outdoor heating in place. Making the cooler nights a little more comfortable for those who like to eat under the stars.
Greek Easter 2010 - The Resurrection in Platrithia ithaca greece
Sunday 4th - Happy Easter everyone!!!!!!!! Just before I rush off to my Easter Sunday with some of the villagers and family, thought I'd quickly try to upload last nights Resurrection photos. Just made it...and a cake. Wow! Have a great day!
Sunday 4th - It was a perfect Sunday for this years' Easter celebrations. Warm and sunny, no winds, clear views and skies, and a whole lot of people enjoying getting together to celebrate this Big Greek Event. People were up early in the morning getting the lamb on the spit ready for a 2 o'clock lunch, some managed, some didn't, but all had alot of fun trying. This year we have 3 Easter pages. 1 for each of the families who were kind enough to invite us to join them in their celebration.
CLICK HERE or on photograph below for this years Easter Sunday celebrations. From there you can leaf through all the pages and pics... or if you know the families of Pagoulatou & Vasilopoulos Families >> Ventouras (Skoros) Family >> Karantzis & Vlassopoulos Families you can click on their names to take you directly to their page.
For all those who I know like to eat at Fatouros in Stavros, you'll be happy to know that the taverna is open again after having closed for a couple of months over the winter.
In Stavros tomorrow night (Monday 5th) Odysseas Football Club is having its annual dance. This year at the Stavros Community Hall (Ethousa). Head along and bring a little cash, this Do is to raise some funds for the club. Each away game the club plays, can add up to quite a bit of dosh when you consider the ferry tickets and the uniform laundry.
Happy Easter Everyone
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