Niko & Viki get married
Saturday 23rd June 2007 - Gardelaki, Vathy Ithaca Greece
First, the groom, Niko, and his mother, Spiridoula Karantzi, made their way up the stone-paved steps of the church. It was time for the Groom to await his bride, and as is the tradition, oh what a wait.
Little Niko was surrounded by women. Young, old, inbetween, They wanted a photo or a kiss or both. The village women, family, friends and relatives gave him more attention than he has ever had at a Chappries gig.
Brother George from Spavento Bar in Kioni, missed out on his annual festival in Gasto, but instead stayed on Ithaca to celebrate his little brothers' wedding. The Tsoulos boys couldn't be separated at this special time, no matter how much George loves his annual expedition to Gasto with the usual suspects. George and twin sons Nikos and Theofilos, distracted Niko from the heat with a little monkey business... not that Niko ever needs an excuse for that.
Before too long, sounds of Viki arriving echoed around Vathi and up to the church at Gardelaki.
Niko took the long hot wait for Viki in his stride, played around a bit, accepted congratulations and never once did he scruff it up in the heat. Well done!
The Bridal car pulled up at the bottom of the steps and from the boot came basket after basket of the bon boniere, Viki the bride was close behind them.
Before the door of Vikis car opened, everyone with cameras made a dash for the bride to get the closest close up. Lagging behind meant you got armpits and bottoms. Viki climbed the steps like a princess with all eyes upon her, and why not, it was hers and Nikos day to shine, and boy, did they.

Here comes the bride led up the church path b y her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Yiorgo Softis

Viki looked stunning in her white sequined wedding gown with long flowing veil and trail

Vikis parents proudly led their daughter to the church step, where Niko awaited her, brimming ear to ear with the biggest smile ever seen on such a small face.
Family and friends applauded their approach and were thrilled to see both of them so obviously happy. Before entering the church there were more photo opportunities with the wedding pair. No posing, just good old plane happiness on their faces. Looks like these two really wanted what they have on this day.
Niko and Viki get Married  
Another Ithacan Wedd ing

What was clearly noticeable about this wedding was the attendance of mostly young people. Viki and Niko made sure to invite all their friends, friends from Nikos past life in Athens, friends from Vikis past life in Patras, friends from the Creperie and friends from general Ithaki. There was no pomp or starched tie attendance. The invited guests were right into the spirit of a relaxed and easy going wedding, and everyone was determined to enjoy the occasion, despite the suffocating heat of the day.

Niko wore a pink tie


It was finally time to get hitched

Enter stage left single, exit stage right, married.

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