Niko & Viki get married
Saturday 23rd June 2007 - Gardelaki, Vathy Ithaca Greece
What better place to be after a 40C day, than Dexa Beach. Niko and Viki couldn't have picked a better place for their Wedding Reception. Yiannis Politis from Drosia restaurant, a little past the Kanelata region of Vathy, catered for the supper and reception helpers came from Odysseas Cafe in Vathy. Round tables were set up right on the waterline and the wedding table overlooked them all perched high up over the dance floor. There was no waiting to eat, starters were brought to the table the minute guests began to arrive. When Niko and Viki walked up the lit path from the road to the reception area, there was no mucking around. It was straight into cutting the cake, drinking the champaign and setting off the fireworks. A little scary for some of the kids and for some of the adults, but a spectacular beginning to the reception nonetheless. The waiters brought out trays of food the size of small tables and had everyone attended to in no time. Roast lamb for everyone, even the vegetarians, not really, there were plenty of salads and pies to choose from. Dancing started off almost immediately after the last bite and from then it was party the night into dawn.
the cutting of the cake
The first dance
Everybody dance

Above - Who's looking after business when the bosses decide to party with Niko and Viki? Right - Left - Andy Papas from Yefuri, Spilios Tzemos and Jessica Bell from Isalos and Poppy Pagoulatou from Rementzo. No seen here, but absent from Spavento were also Yiorgo and Jenny. Niko and Viki closed up shop too for a few days in order to dedicate themselves to serving eachother a good dose of love, instead of serving up crepes in their bayside Creperie, Mylos.


Before the night was over, it was only fitting that Niko played at his own wedding, so the Chapries played a set of songs, well known to the Vathinians. With a few drinks for extra oomph and with some help from his friends, it made for a rocking end to the reception night of Vikis and Nikos Wedding.

Congratulations Niko, Viki and Families and thank you for inviting

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