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MAY 2nd, Sunday

In Vathy there is some controversy over the Denis Sikiotis article published in the Poetry and Writing section of this web site, the right or wrong of it being published and whether publishing it may well be anti-Ithacan. This article has already been published elsewhere by other Publications and I as the web mistress do not vet what can or can not be said unless it is racist, pornographic or generally offensive. Everyone is entitled to their opinion whether I agree with it or not, therefore if anyone wishes to respond with a contradicting argument to this particular, or any other article that maybe published in the future, I extend an invitation to do so. These pages are open to all. Rumour has it that this controversy was started by someone wanting to deter Ithacans from advertising on hOME Ithaca Greece so as to gain sponsorship for their own web site. Apparently this web site isn't professional. Why, because most of the pages are free and no one pays through the nose to be seen on the internet? Well, what can I say. This site was started out of love of the island, to give people a special insight into the way of life here and to keep the ex-pats in touch with their Ithaki. If that's unprofessional, stick a DUNCE hat on my head and call me whatever you like. My opinion is that the more sites there are about Ithaca the better. Guess not everyone agrees. Thanks to all who support this site and even to those who want to bury it.

MAY 14th Friday

Power was out all over Ithaca from the early hours of the morning until midday. A main pole fell. As if it's not bad enough that the strong winds are making everyone crazy, no electricity is the icing on the cake. Times like these it's a good idea just to sleep as long as you can, but no hope of that either as Mr. Whipper Snipper men with motors as loud as airplanes cut the brush from Kioni to Vathy evicting snakes, spiders and bugs of all sorts from their cosey homes and the tired out of their cosey beds.

On the 21st of May the President / Minister for Democracy, Mr. Constantinos Stefanopoulos is coming to Ithaca by helicopter. In remembrance of the Unification of Greece, when the seven islands joined the mainland in one Patrida, the Minister has visited one of these islands each year. This year it's Ithakis turn. We wish him a good stay at the Hotel Peratzada in Vathy and maybe he'll mention the state of the roads he travels around the island and prod someone in a high place to fix them. It's all very well beautifying the island with stone paving and look-out seats over picturesque beaches, but with the bus tours beginning and more people coming to the island each day, Ithaca's concern for road safety should be primary. They are Halia! (Really bad).

May Friday 28th

Ithaca Greece Web sitenow includes over 50 new villas, houses, apartments, hotels, bungalows and rooms in the Accommodation section of the site. The Accommodation Co-operative of Ithaca has joined our other sponsors to give visitors of hOME Ithaca Greece web site a greater and more varied choice of holiday accommodation in Vathy, Kioni, Frikes, Lahos, Stavros and Lefki. There are standards and prices to suit everyone.


June Tuesday 1st

ithaca Greece web site, home ithaca greece, got a mention in the New York Post Online in the 'Isle Take It' article written by Douglas Rogers, June 1st 2004. Maybe it will do something for the small island we all love so much. It mentioned that for private villa and guest house accommodation Click Here

June Wednesday 9th

Today it really felt like Summer. Ithakis first hot day. Finally the heat has arrived and the sea was again still and clear as an aqua pool. The weather man says it's heating up for the weekend, so I guess it's time to put the winter woollies away and get out those bathing suits.

News on the grapevine is that it will be Lakis Vasilopoulos' last summer down at Poli setting up his chairs and umbrellas. It was hoped that he was going to make a move to Ithaca this year, but it seems his plans have changed. He arrived in Greece today and should be on the island within the next day or two. If we can't talk him 'round into staying we may at least find out why he changed his mind.

This weekend are the European Union Elections. Back to the voting booths for everyone as Greece votes for it's representative in the EU. Every TV station had all the Parties presenting their speeches restricted by a time keeper. 2 minutes on the clock. It was concise and to the point and if it wasn't, bad luck, time was up. Just when you think 'finally, a one hour program doesn't get stretched to five' because the speeches are over and everyone is on their way home, the news programs regurgitate every breath and coma to make it another drawn out political pizza commentation with the lot, replaying over and over, comments and statements made by the Party leaders., speculating what may have been said given there was more time.

Surprise! Surprise! Almost everyone capable of being pregnant is pregnant on Ithaca. The next generation of Ithacans dancing at Bemenis will be the 2004 Baby Boomers. I blame it on all the power strikes over Winter. What else are you going to do?

Alexander Kamakamis is due to arrive on Ithaca soon. The last time he was here, he was just a boy. Now he's a lawyer and drink-mixing champion. Maybe he'll break the rules and give his Martini a good shake and not just a conservative stir when he's here. He'll be visiting family on his mothers side (Anna Vlass) and staying in Lahos.



Saturday 19th June 2004 Yiorgos Noutsatos and Niki Phillipatou baptized their son Constantinos at Ag. Marinas Church in Exoghi.

Polymia Koutsouvelis is Godmother to little Constantinos,

Invited guests enjoyed the warm afternoon up in the mountain village of Exoghi with clear views down to the island below. Yiorgos Karantzis from Spavento lubricated everyone with his special punch while the families layed out a spread of traditional fare for their guests. Na sas zisei!



June Friday 25th

Just when we're all getting used to having glorious Summer weather, warmer beaches and no jelly fish, no more rain, no more wind, the weather bureau forecasts thunderstorms for tomorrow.

Gossip has it that Geoff McIntyre on ithaca for a short week visiting a friend, was initiated into the Frikes Hall of fame the other night. He got plastered. While his new friends danced on the bar at Bemenis, shirtless and gyrating, Geoff sat in the corner comatosed in a svinaki and whiskey bliss out. It only takes one night like this for the whole village to start patting you on the back and calling you one of it's own. Luckily his non drinking, old school friend Jessica, got him home safely. Geoff was up early the next day, still drunk, but ready for a day at the beach. That's Irish ancestry stamina for you.

June Wednesday 30th

CRASH BANG BOOM - due to the over 200 crashes that hOME ithaca greece computer suffered over last year with unscheduled power cuts, blackouts, bad electrical connections etc. etc. The hard disk has died. Emergency nerds spent all day trying to recover and fix the problem, but to no avail. hOME ithaca greece HD is officially dead!!! Thank you to all at DEY who light up our lives, or not. What a time for it all to go bang. In the middle of new pages, the Frikes Panighiri and all those pics yet to load up from who's here. If that isn't bad enough, the monitor has also given me notice that it's about to fade away and die, so please everyone, be patient. I have no idea how the pics look in the Frikes Panighiri page or anywhere else until further notice. Thanks to a friend, I have a HD to work from, but the results may be unpredictable at times and who knows I might just move to an island somewhere....city maybe, where, if something breaks you just go to the shop and get another one. Here it's not so easy. A trip to Patras may be on the cards. Anyone for a good round of Kick Boxing???

July Saturday 3rd

The narrow bend of the road in Platrithia, the first bend after the Exoghi turn off from Stavros, is being widened. Down comes the old stone wall, from which only a few stones toppled after last years earthquake, and in comes a more accessible bus route. Can't they just get smaller buses?

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