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MAY 2nd, Sunday

The season has started with Tour Groups bringing in their first customers. They rolled off the ferry on Saturday afternoon and were settled in to their places of accommodation, oriented in the ways of Ithaki and helped through their first day. Rain was predicted for most of Greece, but not on Ithaca, here it's sunny and warm. All the restaurants and bars are open for business and there's no turning back now. Everyone is excited and fresh-faced after a cold and very quiet winter.

Kate is the new Greek Islands Rep. She came earlier in the season to get acquainted with the island and the locals before her duties began.   Dionisis Antonatos, taxi driver to the world, has a house in Frikes and passion for the sea, so what better place to spend some time in May away from the hustle and bustle of Piraeus. He's here enjoying the food and wine at Ovelistirio. The new hang out in Frikes.  
  Apostolis Maroulis lives in Canada, but he's here visiting relatives in the village of Frikes , the place where he was born and has his family home. HIs passion is hunting and fishing. Maybe he'll get a chance to do that while he's here.  
May 7th - From one day to the next the island seemed to fill up with yachts and tourists. Unfortunately the weather is all over the place. One day rain, the next day wind and then here and there a sunny break. Contrary to what some visitors believe, Ithacan restaurateurs actually have no say in what the weather will be. If they did, they'd wish for sunny warm days every day.

Above we have another group from WFT, these are the Corinthians. L-R John (sorry I didn't get him in the picture, but he does get a mention. General hand and sighted guide) Tony - visually impaired, but has his own yacht and sails regularly, Sally is in the pink (1st mate), Sue Dud, she's on her third yachting holiday and although bad weather is a bit scary, loves the adventure and last, but not least, Peter, he's the Skipper and although he looked a bit scary,he was found to be a pussy cat.

Happy Sailing guys, it was a pleasure to meet you!!!!!.

Monday 17th May - no one can believe it's raining again and that the winds are still blowing after all these weeks. Everyone who's come here to enjoy the usual Greek late Spring weather is naturally disappointed. It's too cold to sit along the bay and only the brave and the English dare to get in the water. The island is slowly filling up with new faces and all we need is the weather to turn up for the party.

WFT Holidays sailed into Frikes yesterday, bringing with it the liveliest group of yachties. Above we see the seemingly quiet lot from Big Dipper, but don't be fooled these visually impaired people with their sighted guides skipper and crew have an endless stream of wit spouting from them. L-R Alan Hart (Skipper), Mike Hurst (sighted guide) who is desperate to live in Australia. For marriage proposals email, MC Emar (ready for adventure and LOVE), MC is a big flirt and has his own site starting in 3 weeks live for the visually impaired. , Adelle Tolladay (1st Mate) and Ann Yates, who apparently has the biggest room on the yacht and an aversion to saying the word sex. The Big Dippers have made it their task to get it out of her before the trip is over in 2 weeks.

Welcome to Rien, who's left his job and life in the Netherlands to settle down on Ithaca.

Monday 10th May - Above Amanda is on Ithaca with her husband and family introducing her children to the Greek culture, something that is of great importance to her. Amanda is a Greek / South African living in San Francisco and looking deliriously happy about being on Ithaki, her ancestral home. Both her husband and herself have their roots in Stavros. Ithaca website caught up with her in Vathy having coffee with her cousin Brandon in the morning hours and as you can see, although it's May, Ithaca is still wearing it's winter wardrobe. Thankfully the day heated up as the strong winds eased and the afternoon sun hit the concrete.

Nina is here from Melbourne getting in touch with her roots on the island. She's been on the road for the past 8 months traveling around Asia and Europe and she still has more places to investigate before she heads back home. Nina says she's hooked on Ithaca and wants to come back next year with her sister. She's had a great time talking to old locals who can tell her a bit about her ancestry on the island. Next year she'll stay longer than the short week she has available this time around.
Wednesday 19th May - In Kioni the cruise ferries and buses are picking up speed as the weather becomes milder

Something to eat, a quick look around and it's back into the bus to the next island destination.

The weather's fining up. The past few days of sunshine have brought everyone out and about again.

Welcome to the President of Greece Mr. Costantinos Stefanopoulos to Frikes

The Penelope family in Frikes, were proud to prepare a nd serve the President and his many guests, a feast made with honour and love, not to mention anxiety and sweat and a lot of hard work.

Penelope Restaurant ready and waiting.

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Thursday 20th May - The President of Greece, also the Minister for Democracy, Mr. Costaninos Stefanopoulos comes to Frikes for dinner with a party of 92 guests at Penelope Restaurant. All of Northern Ithaca congregated in the small Port village to get a good look at the President, who took time to meet the locals so anxious to shake his hand. In Greece a politician in the hand is worth 20 super stars of stage and screen in the bush. Everyone has been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning in preparation for his arrival. The streets have never looked so good. The who's who of Ithaca dressed to the 9's (11's some of them) and enjoyed a special occasion, one which will be talked about into the next generation. Kalos Hrthate.

Frikes has never seen the likes of such Security and Police presence. Sniffer dogs took to the streets and every uniform known to man, Navy, Army, Air force, Honoraries with badges on their lapels, surveyed, purveyed and paraded the buzzing street of the village.
Above - Patrick and Helen from Cornwall in the UK They both work in the Police force and are enjoying the peace and quiet Ithaca offers them. They've become regulars at Rementzo in Frikes where they order up big on the fresh fish. Below - Michael and Jo Stubbs from Burnham on Crouch Essex
Edward and Kate from London follow their yearly ritual of eating lunch at Symposium. Each year they stay in Kioni and motor boat their way to Frikes to enjoy a midday feast. They must really like Ithaca. It's their 7th visit to the island. Bon Appetit.
Wow! What a day. Presidents and Bikers come to Frikes. The roar of their engines could be heard descending the road from Stavros.
May 22nd - Right - Shelley and Trilby from London. Shelley came to Ithaca 11 years ago and loved it so much that when the opportunity arose to come again with her partner Trilby, she jumped at it. Both Actors of British Screen and Theatre, they brought a little laughter and colour to the island. If you think their faces are familiar then this is the reason why. Shelley has acted in Bombay Dreams, Angel, Tandoori Nights nd the popular Brit TV series The Bill and Casualty as has Trilby, who also toured with the English Shakespear Company and now teaches and Directs in a London School
Actors shelley and Trilby
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President of Greece Mr. Costantinos Stefanopoulos visits ithaca Greece